Vista Compatible Games List So Far

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Games' started by Ian Powell, Jun 26, 2007.

  1. Ian Powell

    Dragor Guest

    How can you guys have a perfectly workin Max Payne 1????

    The game uses IMA ADPCM format for its sounds and hence it runs with
    some or none sounds and absolutely no music!

    I've searched everywhere on the internet and all I got was a tedious
    procedure to extract out all sounds, convert them to PCM WAVE and then
    run the game, which too isn't working.

    I have patched it to the latest version v1.05, and 3DR doesn't seem
    keen enough to patch it to make it vista compatible.

    Please help! Thank you!


    My rig: Intel Core2Duo E6300 @1.86GHz, 1.5GB DDR2SDRAM 667MHz, nVidia
    GeForce 6600 256MB PCI-E, ASUS P5LD2VM-SE [Intel 945 Chipset] mobo, 400
    W PSU.
    Dragor, Apr 28, 2008
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  2. Ian Powell

    ferjero989 Guest

    im kiddin.. lol ... i WONT make the same mistake as the rest of th

    anyways.. this is my ri
    msi p6n sli, latest nforce driver
    nvidia 8500gt 256mb latest nvidia driver
    winvista ultimate 6
    2gb ddr2 800mh

    my problem right now its about medal of honor: allied assaul
    installed ... didnt work.. goes to a gray screen and it closes..
    tried patch and same thing..
    i turned off aero (even changed into windows classic theme
    tried compatibility with xp, 98, 95.. and no good.. disabled themes.
    nothin... any 1 tried this game or knows a way
    ferjero989, Jun 4, 2008
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  3. Ian Powell

    roy69 Guest

    hellgate london works fine, even better with the new patch.


    - Core 2 Quad Q6600
    - Abit IP35 Pro
    - 4 x 1GB OcUK PC2-6400 C5 800 MHZ Dual Channel
    - Leadtek GeForce 8800 GTS 640MB GDDR3
    - CiBox TFT 22" Widescreen LCD Panel. 1680 x 1050
    - Creative X-Fi 7.1 PCI-E
    - Antec 900 Ultimate Gaming Case
    - Creative Inspire 7.1 T7900 Speakers
    - Corsair HX 620W ATX2.2 Modular SLI Complient PSU
    roy69, Jun 4, 2008
  4. Ian Powell

    ferjero989 Guest

    *feels totally ignored*
    ferjero989, Jun 4, 2008
  5. I had a simillar problem befor installing SP1. As you know Quake3 has the
    same game engine as MOHAA. From the begining I had no problems with Quake3
    but MOHAA weren't woriking. Maybe You shoud try some new graphics drivers or
    something like that. Wright now I am chaching in what configuration mine
    MOHAA works...Ok I've checked. I have no compatibility mode and MOHAA is
    runing perfect on mine Vista Ultimate with SP1. Maybe you should install
    some DX9 liberies. I have LG notebook with 2 GB duo and 4GB of RAM. Ogh, I
    see that you have Vista 64 version, maybe that is the problem. I sugest
    install 32 version.
    (sorry for mistakes, I am polish and have some problems with writing in
    Tomek Wojciechowski, Jun 4, 2008
  6. Ian Powell

    K Hazen Guest

    I am using a HP notebook (a year old) , Vista Home Premium, 2 GB RAM, AMD
    Turion 64 and grapics by Nvidia. Hellgate London will not work on my
    machine! It lags so bad. I have downloaded their patches. Anything I am
    missing.? I appreciate any help you can give me!
    K Hazen, Jun 12, 2008
  7. Ian Powell

    yohbits Guest

    is "Devil May Cry" not compatible with vista home edition??

    yohbits, Jun 16, 2008
  8. Ian Powell

    ttx19 Guest

    lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie microsoft is lieing about the
    games listed here over half will not play in vista

    ttx19, Jun 30, 2008
  9. Ian Powell

    IMLEX46 Guest

    IMLEX46, Jul 25, 2008
  10. Ian Powell

    IMLEX46 Guest

    can't get need for speed games to work with my new computer that runs vista.
    matter of fact, no games that require the cd in the drive work. hp advise
    center told me to trash vista and install xp. isn't that great......

    IMLEX46, Jul 25, 2008
  11. Ian Powell

    JRM Guest

    Why can't I get Hoyle Casino help menu to display? Help appreciated
    JRM, Aug 6, 2008
  12. Ian Powell

    Extensa Guest

    Does anyone know if Tabula Rasa is working in x64 Home Premium

    My specs are in the signature and here is my Windows Experience Rating


    |Filename: experience_index.JPG


    *Acer Extensa 5620 Noteboo
    *Windows Vista Home Premium x6
    *15.4 WXGA (1280x800*320GB Hard Dis
    *Intel Core 2 Duo 5750 @ 2.0 GH
    *ATI Mobility Radeon HD 2400X
    *4GB DDR2 667 SDRA

    Extensa, Aug 11, 2008
  13. Ian Powell

    AllMac Guest

    You can add *Manhunt* to that list too

    Disable "Data Execution Prevention (DEP)" or you won't be able t
    install it on Vista x64
    AllMac, Aug 12, 2008
  14. Ian Powell

    halimnaruto Guest

    i want the new prince please please ( prince of persia4) please men
    ilove this one send to me on or
    halimnaruto, Aug 24, 2008
  15. Ian Powell

    KingJ Guest

    WOW i love you xD
    Link for halo
    Now all we need is the way to get the games that work with the 64bit
    version !! xD
    KingJ, May 22, 2009
  16. Ian Powell

    Megabyteme Guest

    What about AAO
    Megabyteme, Dec 9, 2009
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