Vista crashes CONSTANTLY

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Performance' started by Bek, Mar 5, 2007.

  1. Bek

    Bek Guest

    In fact I bet Vista crashes while I am typing this message. It will either
    just freeze and purple and yellow stripes go down the screen, or I'll get the
    blue screen of death and it'll reboot. When it freezes up I usually have to
    turn the computer off, wait 30 seconds, then turn it back on. Vista crashes
    at least 6 or 7 times a day. I originally upgraded, then when it crashed all
    the time I did a clean install, but it is 8still* happenng. My copy is Vista
    Home Premium. I spent good $$ on tihs but its been nothing more than a pain!
    I'malmost ready to go back to XP. Someone please help!
    Bek, Mar 5, 2007
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  2. Bek

    DP Guest

    How about some specs for your system?
    DP, Mar 5, 2007
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  3. If you system freezes/crashes with the screen getting distorted as you
    explain, your video card is over heating and causing this problem. You may
    also have a video driver problem but it would not usually cause a complete
    freeze up.



    Richard Urban MVP
    Microsoft Windows Shell/User
    Richard Urban, Mar 5, 2007
  4. Bek

    Ken Guest

    To add to DP's comment about your video card, what you might want to do is
    get a can of compressed air (one of those cans used to clean out the inside
    of the computer). Use that to remove any dust inside the computer. Don't
    spray too long at any given moment as the cans become very cold.

    After that, check and ensure the computer has plenty of ventilation to
    ensure that it can't overheat, and ensure that the fans and the vents are
    completely clear of obstructions.
    Ken, Mar 5, 2007
  5. Bek

    Rollbar Guest

    I just purchased a Lap top w/Vista & it freezes when I fill out forums etc.
    but to let U know what I just bought for my Lap Top for the heat, it's called
    the Targus Chill Pad
    Works great & keeps the LT cool.

    Hope this helps,

    11.75" x 9" x 0.8"
    System Req:
    USB with on & off switch
    Air Flow: 28 CFM (cubic feet per minute)
    Speed: 1500 RPM
    PC Power: USB: 5 V, 500 mA
    Power: 1.05 W
    Rollbar, Mar 5, 2007
  6. Bek

    Bek Guest

    I will definitely try that, thank you. I should probably elaborate a little
    bit and I apologize, my original post was written in haste due to the fact
    that I was sure vista would crash at any moment. In the past 15 minutes it
    has locked up 3 times. I have called Microsoft Tech support twice now, and
    neither of the reps could solve the problem and just said to write down the
    blue screen error codes and call them back. In the meantime I've gotten one
    blue screen (which I did write down but haven't called yet), and all the
    other times it just freezes, and usually has purple and yellow lines, or
    plaid patterns, or weird stuff on the screen like that. Also I find quite
    frequently things like the sidebar stop working. I have checked the device
    manager, no ?'s or !'s to be found.. checked the memory, the memory is fine.
    Checked the discs for errors, no errors found. The only thing windows says to
    me is very vauge: "there may be a hardware conflict causing this issue" in
    the diagnostics/repair center (or whatever its called). So I will try the
    ideas on keeping the video card clean,(and everything else too) or, if need
    be I may need a new one you think? If I do need to buy a new one, what is
    compatible with Vista?
    I am running a custom built computer, with an asus motherboard, 1 gig of
    ram, (just upgraded from 512 to 1 gig right before installing vista,
    actually) and a new wireless PCI for the internet (also newly installed).
    I paid more than I feel I should have for this product, and its technical
    support staff has been very underwhelming. I really need to fix this or I am
    going to have to go buy a new copy of XP (because the copy I have is just the
    'recovery' version and I dont think I could install that version on top of/in
    replace of Vista). And of course I can't return Vista as its already been
    Bek, Mar 9, 2007
  7. Bek

    Michael Guest

    As you mentioned that this is custom built asus machine: Do you have all the
    overclocking features turned off in the BIOS? (at least for testing).
    I was working on an asus (not my own) that had several options for
    overclocking, note that expensive video cards can also be overclocked.
    Have you tried with only the origional 512 of memory (performace should be
    really bad but might be a test of the new memory).

    Also on the obvious vein (I.e. what I usually overlook) are the fans going
    fast enough, esp the one for the CPU. Repaired one recently that the fan
    bearing was going (also made noise which is why I was looking there) was
    going so slow that the CPU was overheating generating random crashes after
    about 10 min of operating.

    Good luck,
    Michael, Mar 9, 2007
  8. Bek

    Night Keeper Guest

    Check all your drivers. Make sure it shows what you have in the device
    manager. Vista doesn't always recognize the hardware correctly. Vista
    installed 6 IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers on my PC which caused Windows to crash
    everytime I tried to pull anything off of a CD. The Fact is I have 3 IDE
    ATA/ATAPI controllers: 2 for SATA and 1 for IDE. I recommend downloading the
    drivers from your motherboard maker and unzip them into a folder. You have
    to manually update the drivers from the Device manager if Vista recognized
    the device incorrectly. (Note: Only update the drivers that are incorrectly
    Night Keeper, Mar 9, 2007
  9. What you describe video related certainly are the results of a video
    problem, and I would suspect it to be a heat problem.

    I have seen the same thing when a fan on a video card stops spinning - all
    sorts of video corruption.



    Richard Urban MVP
    Microsoft Windows Shell/User
    Richard Urban, Mar 10, 2007
  10. Bek

    Bek Guest

    To be honest, I am not sure what overclocking is, or how I can see if it is
    turned off or on. Also, yes there is a little bit of dust that I can't seem
    to shake loose from the heat-sink thingy under the fan that cools the cpu, I
    think I really do need that compressed can of air.

    I turned down the hardware acceleration on my video card which seems to have
    helped a lot. It has only crashed once in about 16 hours. This is a vast
    improvement. However, since it *did* crash I wanted to find out what might've
    gone wrong, and I found somewhere that I should try and update the drivers.
    Windows update has tried 3 times to install 'optional' updates for my video
    card, i discovered, but keeps failing. But I ran into the device manager and
    windows told me that my drivers are already up to date. So I really don't
    know what the f to do now.
    Bek, Mar 11, 2007
  11. Bek

    Rollbar Guest

    Mine was freezing up due to some files getting deleted. I restored my lap
    top to reflect it as it was from the factory. No more problems. the LT came
    with Vista Home Pro. I have used it for hours a day w/out it freezing up &
    it does not freeze up anymore when I fill out forms.
    Rollbar, Mar 22, 2007
  12. Bek

    tajicat Guest

    I was hoping to find some real help. Unfortunately it appears that there
    still isn't much help from MSN, Windows or their communities. I did NOT want
    Vista! I got it on #2 replacement computers and nothing works. I just get
    constant blue screens. Now Dell won't even respond! I've tried looking for
    help everywhere. It appears that unless you have an expensive, full of the
    latest and highest everything, Vista won't work. I didn't get a say in what
    Dell sent us and we asked for XP all along. Finally some tech said go buy XP
    but they won't help us nor honor our warranty. They didn't even give us a
    higher end replacement. Computers must be the only product that you are
    suppose to expect refurbished parts and not be able to sue them or complain
    anywhere! Any other product and you get a full replacement, new, or new
    parts. I don't want XP and not even sure how to go about putting it on a
    computer that came with Vista. I have a Dell E520 with Vista Premium, 250GB
    HD, 2GB memory, and I did do the mem test and it appears fine. I wonder
    about other parts but I am stuck now with no response from Dell or Microsoft.
    Apparently we were only given integreated audio/video and I know that can be
    a problem, but not our choice. We had a lot more on our original computer
    than what Dell sent us. XP worked fine for us and now we can't add anything
    to our computer. I don't even think what is on it from Microsoft is Vista
    compatible! We get constant blue screens and no help. I have run all sorts
    of tests, even had a couple of people have me do Belarc and they said that
    our motherboard looked skimpy, whatever that means! We can't use our
    cameras, download photos, even using a wordpad, if I open one by accident, I
    crash, well blue screen. Doesn't anyone anywhere have a good solution? I do
    not know how to do all sorts of fixes etc on a computer. I used it fine and
    could do a lot with XP but Vista is awful, I don't care what anyone says. I
    do have people that are techie to ask for help, but they are all waiting a
    year and try to help. I hate asking for help from them as it has been going
    on for 7 months of computer problems, only 3 months with this Vista problem.
    I don't have any close tech friends, even in state who could come and figure
    anything out for me. If anyone has a real answer as to what I can do I would
    appreciate it. I only got some help from Dell, replacements, all 3, because
    we contacted the BBB but that takes about 5 weeks or longer between
    responses. Thanks.
    tajicat, Apr 30, 2007
  13. Bek

    Pete Russell Guest

    Have you checked your event logs for further info into what is going on.
    Pete Russell, Apr 30, 2007
  14. Bek

    tajicat Guest

    I am not sure where to find them all, but I recent had an error log of 193
    errors, mostly from blue screen error messages which vary from driver issues
    to IRQL or page in non page area or even just opening a wordpad. This log
    was sent to Microsoft for a two week period of time. This is the first time
    I have received this message box which did allow me to look at each item and
    for any possible fixes. As I clicked each it did not lead me to a solution
    or I had already tried the suggested solution. I had not added any software
    to the computer for 3 weeks after receiving it, and then only added System
    Mechanics 7, Vista compatible, but it did not find anything crucial. I can't
    add any programs or use some preinstalled as I crash or they simply do not
    work. Dell has not been helpful in even suggestions of possible program
    fixes and this is the actual first reply that has made a suggestion of any
    sorts. The software techs say it is hardware and the hardware techs say it
    is software and all suggest that it must be a Vista issue. Thank you
    tajicat, May 1, 2007
  15. Bek

    Pete Russell Guest

    "I have received this message box which did allow me to look at each item
    for any possible fixes."

    That is "Problem Reports and Solutions" which can be found at Control Panel
    When this opens click "check for solutions" You can check this once in a
    while to see if there are solutions for reported problems.

    After doing that select "View Problem History" This will bring up a list of
    problems windows has identified. Right Click on each item there and select
    "View Problem Details" This will show details about each error and any
    faulting modules.

    After getting to the details screen look at the bottom and select " Copy to
    Clipboard" Pastet he results of each error back here and I will see if I can
    help you a little further.
    Pete Russell, May 2, 2007
  16. Bek

    tajicat Guest

    Sorry I didn't get back sooner. Thank you for your help, Dell has decided to
    have us send the computer back and they will check it and they will install
    XP on it. There are just too many crashes and most programs that came
    installed aren't working. My hubby and I aren't that knowledgable about
    computers, we would do better with XP until more fixes and updates for Vista.
    Thank you again. :)
    tajicat, May 5, 2007
  17. Bek

    teddy Guest

    my four pekingnese
    teddy, Jul 12, 2008
  18. Bek

    Ron Guest

    Unfortunately that's vista for you. A very unreliable OS. This is why most
    businesses don't use it.


    Ron, Jul 12, 2008
  19. Bek

    Nonny Guest

    No it's not.
    Nonny, Jul 12, 2008
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