Vista created 2 users initially?

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Administration' started by sanphu, Apr 14, 2009.

  1. sanphu

    sanphu Guest

    I just dont know how to describe my question in a few words so I
    couldn't search for and know if the same question has been posted

    My vista is Home premium.

    I am working with the adminitration account that I set the name:
    "username". When I first bought the computer, Vista asked me to specify
    the name of the machine so I typed: "username-desktop" and there is no
    additional user created.

    Now it appears in the folders "C:\Users\" 3 subfolders: "username",
    "username.username-desktop" and "public". It makes sense for the
    "username" and the "public" folder to apprear but I dont understand
    between the difference between "username" and
    "username.username-desktop". It seems that most the important
    applications or their relevant files are created in
    "username.username-desktop". Could anyone please explain me the

    sanphu, Apr 14, 2009
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  2. sanphu

    Jon Wallace Guest


    This could be down to a number of things but more likely bad programming in
    one of your applications. Let me explain

    When a developer writes software he needs to decide where to store files /
    data etc - one common place for this is the user 'Profile" - basically what
    is below C:\Users. In order to get this location there are a number
    "correct" system calls or a number of "lazy" ways...

    For example - if the programmer used %USERPROFILE%\App\Data for his data, it
    would go to the correct place however if the programmer used
    C:\USERS\%USERNAME%\App\Data it may not.

    What I suspect is happening here is that different applications are using
    different locations (correctly or incorrectly) to store data on your
    machine. If most of your files are in username.username-desktop try to find
    out what is actually in the other folder, what is putting it there and see
    if you can change it.

    Hopefully this makes sense?

    Jon Wallace, Apr 20, 2009
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