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Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by bjwerti, Mar 4, 2008.

  1. bjwerti

    bjwerti Guest

    I have a new HP 4999t PC with factory installed ViXS PureTV-U 48B0 (NTSC/ATSC
    Combo) AND an external ATI TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuner. The PC was ordered
    from the OEM with Digital Cable Support enabled. My goal is to configure
    three tuners within MCE: one analog tuner, one OTA digital antenna tuner,
    and one Digital Cable tuner. Worst case, two digital tuners is OK.

    I bought these expensive tuner options so I can watch Clear QAM HDTV using
    my basic cable signal (OCUR). I have a few issues that I can't figure out:
    1. TV tuners are not found during Auto Configure scan in Vista MCE.
    2. How do I get Digital clear QAM over cable? Do I need a separate set-top
    cable box even though I have an ATI External Digital Cable Tuner?

    (All of my LCD televisions get the "free" clear QAM cable broadcasted HDTV
    channels just fine like ABC, NBC, CBS, etc...that is all I'm trying to do in

    bjwerti, Mar 4, 2008
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  2. Mark L. Ferguson, Mar 4, 2008
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  3. bjwerti

    maya Guest

    in order to receive digital cable TV reception with your machine you
    have to call yr cable co. and have them install a "card" in your machine
    (they don't have to open the machine, it goes in a slot on the back of
    the built-in tv tuner you have..) this "card" is equivalent to a digital
    cable box, and cable co. will charge you accordingly for it.. ($10/mo.
    or so...)

    then you have to activate the digital cable tv feature in Windows Media
    Center, by providing a digital cable product key that should have been
    supplied when you purchased your tuner(s) or is supplied with computer
    (on sticker next to Vista activation product key) if you purchased a
    machine w/built-in tuner(s).. (you should have at least two tuners so
    you can watch one thing and tape another simultaneously.. the tuners
    should come with built-in digital recorders, like a built-in TIVO..)

    however, I personally have not been able to do activate WMC for digital
    cable tv, Vista problems (what a surprise...;), long story... (see my
    post related to "digital cable" in vista.music_pictures_video..) I have
    not yet received a response, and will most probably have to do a clean
    re-install of Vista to solve the problem.. hopefully this won't happen
    to you..

    not sure this answers all your questions.. HTH..
    maya, Mar 12, 2008
  4. bjwerti

    Duck Fan Guest

    I have the same system and the same problem. HP actually told me to send the
    PC back to get it fixed. I don't think so. The PC works fine. The ATI
    shows proper status lights and appears on the network. It's got to be
    something else.

    I tried shutting down Norton 360 and ran Windows Media Center setup again.
    I got snow for pictures (which is actually farther than I've gotten before).
    Since I paid for 15 months of Norton 360, I hate to uninstall it (they don't
    send actual discs anymore, as you know...if I uninstall it, I'm buying a new

    When I went through the Norton "Add Programs" there was no .exe file that I
    could enable. Added all I could find in the ATI listing to the program list.
    Still not working

    Anyone have any other suggestions?

    Frustrated Digital Cable fan (less)
    Duck Fan, Apr 15, 2008
  5. bjwerti

    Media PC fan Guest

    Duck Fan,

    I had this same issue. I just bought an HP m9200t, with the two tuners in
    it. MCE could not identify the CableCard. I found a forum that discussed
    this very issue, and it turns out that it was Norton causing it. My computer
    came with 15 months of Norton service, I never directly paid for it, so I
    decided that I would prefer a fully functional computer than some virus
    scanner and firewall blocking it. I could always add it later. Once I
    uninstalled Norton it worked perfectly. There is probably some way to get by
    it without removing it completely from your computer. If you have the
    patience, you may want to check with Symantec (makers of Norton), to see if
    they have a solution. It probably will be an issue you will have to take
    beyond first tier Tech Support.
    Note that for some MCE functionality to work you may need to temporarily
    disable the Windows firewall, or at least make some exceptions in it (which
    will take more time to figure out). I found this out when MCE could not get
    the TV guide. I can excuse Norton for blocking traffic that actually become
    detrimental to the operation of MCE, but when it is Microsoft's own operating
    system one has to wonder. Seems like Microsoft still has some bugs to work
    out. After you get it going, it is a great thing.

    NOTE to MS: Please work these bugs out. I am a software developer, and I
    know if I have trouble getting things going, the average user certainly will.
    MCE is a great concept as a centerpiece for home theater, but there are
    things that need to be worked out if it is going to be widely adopted as such.

    Equally frustrated but hopeful
    Media PC fan, Apr 21, 2008
  6. I have an HP 4995 witth an analog internal TV tuner and and external ATI
    TV wonder Digital Cable Tuner. I am also a comcast customer. Spent
    hours trying to get the tuner working so that I could get HD channels.
    Had comcast here as well, and could not get it to work. I had comcst
    give me a cable card. After some research I removed Norton, then went
    throught the MCE setup of the cable tuner, but did not install the cable
    card. Once I finally got it working on basic cable stations (Non-HD), i
    plugged in the cable card and MCE gave me a screen with the cable card
    info. I closed that screen then tuned to a HD channel and it worked.

    Please note after hours on the phone with HP support who didn't even
    know what a Digital cable tuner was, I wrote letters to senior
    management of HP complaining and all they did was give you another
    customer service number to call. Was transfered several times to India
    and got even less help. Funny HP sells the OEM ATI TV wonder, but they
    have nobody in support that can help walk anyone through the setup. I
    am tempted to have a friend at a major network do a Buyer Beware series
    on HP, and see if that gets their attention. Please note I can now
    watch HD content, but another problem has surfaced where when watch for
    a period of time it appears the monitor wants to go to sleep mode, but
    if that occurs, the whole system shuts down and reboots. The the
    Microsoft trouble shooter comes up and says get with Microsoft of ATI.
    HP and ATI should publish so help on this after they have sold the
    product, but seem to want to wash their hands of it. Also be ware of
    the Vista service pack #1, which I installed, but when I went to view TV
    it pixelated the picture on a regular cycle, so I unistalled the service
    bobtamburello, Apr 21, 2008
  7. bjwerti

    Phil_Fisher Guest

    Phil_Fisher, Aug 11, 2008
  8. bjwerti

    Fluter Guest

    I have this same problem: mine works until I insert the CableCard, the
    I lose everything. Sometimes I get a message that channels aren'
    available, sometimes I get a message that I'm not allowed to view th
    channels or my LCD isn't set up correctly. I've been able to determin
    that the Network isn't communicating with the tuner.

    I use McAfee. Has anyone experienced the same problems with McAfee tha
    others were experiencing with Norton? ATI on their website says if th
    Tuner doesn't work with the CableCard, but does without, the tuner i
    bad. I've been working with HP for 2 months to get it replaced. The
    sent the internal cable card the first time, and now I'm pulling teet
    to get them to figure out what part this is. It's so frustrating
    Fluter, Mar 31, 2009
  9. I have comcast, and had them to my house. we went through about
    cable cable cards before we found one that work. I was told by comcas
    they have a lot ob ad cards. Also with Windows media player,
    recommend disabling Symatic and Mcafee if you have them running when yo
    set up the tuner. Once you have it up and running you can turn the
    back on. There was a lot of hit or miss getting my HD tuner to work.
    HP who sold me the computer and tuner, were of no help. People in Indi
    do not even know what a digital cable tuner is. I still have problem
    from time to time as I still do not get all the cable stations that
    have with my regular tv and Comcast tuner. HP does not back up thir
    party hardware and will tell you to go to ATI who will tell you to go t
    the OEM

    Again test a few cable cards. If you get your tuner to work, then pu
    the cable card in and go to a HD station like ABC, NBC or CBS

    Sorry I cannot be of more help. I even sent emails to the presiden
    of HP who referred me to a group that did nothing. But now I get
    bunch of HP email. I will not buy HP again. I will shop around an
    see who supports what
    bobtamburello, Mar 31, 2009
  10. bjwerti

    Fluter Guest

    You people are the best!

    Last night I disabled my firewall and tried installing this thorn in m
    side again. Well, joy. This time I got the message that I wasn't HDC
    compliant, so I removed my DVI cable hookup, went back to VGA and no
    I'm finally up and running. Unfortunately, my monitor doesn't seem to b
    HDCP compliant, so I had to downgrade it to VGA, but at least the ATI T
    Wonder blah blah blah... is working after 6 months!!! I'm actuall
    getting HD stations on this thing with the CableCARD! Shock!

    So much for HP support! I guess I can cancel that completel
    frustrating and useless HP support ticket now
    Fluter, Apr 1, 2009
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