Vista does not seem to completely log in ... (??)

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by Simon McDonald, Jan 18, 2009.

  1. My son has a Dell Inspiron 1525, running VISTA Home Premium SP1.

    When he logs in visually it looks fine except that:

    The OneCare icon in the systray is missing and eventually a message box is
    displayed stating 'that a service OneCare required is not started - try a
    The Local Area Connection icon in sys tray for the network card shows as
    'unplugged' (red cross present), but the cable is in and internet access is
    available through IE and Messenger works

    Other strange things include:

    His side/widget bar is there, but totally empty.

    If he opens the 'Network Connections' window, it opens showing NO
    connections (there should be two - one wired and one wireless), and shows
    'Not responding' at the top of the window it is clicked (as if it is trying
    hard to supply the detail of the connections but is struggling?).

    He normally has UAC switched on, and if he does anything the requires the
    UAC prompt to be answered, the prompt never shows up.
    For instance, in Task Manager if he clicks the box to show process for all
    users, he should get the prompt but it does not show. In this case, he can
    still see Task Manager monitoring CPU etc, but the window itself in not
    accessible (i.e. when he clicks the window he gets the 'boing' sound similar
    to that you get when you click a main window 'under' windows it has
    started). It is as if it has gone to do the UAC stuff, but it is taking a
    long time (forever!) to do it.
    When he right-clicks My Computer and select 'Manage' nothing (appears to)
    happen; When he tries to run msconfig, nothing appears to happen;Tries to
    get to 'Services' from msconfig;...

    Eventually, when trying to do a number of things that require the UAC
    prompt, the PC Hangs - but without seeming to be swallowing CPU, just

    Word seems to work fine.

    He says that there seem to be quite a few less processing showing in Task
    Manager (but that could be because he normally see all processes from all
    users? - which he can not do at the moment).

    He says that he has not installed anything recently and as far can not
    recall anything 'odd' or different happening.

    I do not wish to lead anyone down any particular route, but it seems that
    anything that requires to use/go through UAC has the problem.

    If anyone has any suggestions as to what to look at or investigate that
    would be really useful, I am stumped, especially as most things I would
    suggest would require UAC!!


    Simon McDonald, Jan 18, 2009
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  2. Simon McDonald

    Rick Rogers Guest


    Obviously something is interfering, and I would guess that whatever it may
    be is trying to circumvent elevation and causing everything to hang. Likely
    some sort of malware. Have you tried logging into this account in safe mode?
    I'm betting that the problem doesn't exist there. I'd use tools like
    autoruns and hijackthis to start going through what's in the startup axis.
    Rick Rogers, Jan 18, 2009
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  3. Rick,

    Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, what you say makes sense and could well
    be the case.
    I will get him to try these things out so that we can see what is going on
    at start-up.

    I will let you know how it goes.

    Thanks again for getting back on such a vague post.

    Simon McDonald, Jan 18, 2009
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