Vista doesn't plug and play device driver's not found

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Hardware' started by E, Oct 17, 2007.

  1. E

    E Guest


    I can't seem to get anything that is supposed to be plug and play to work
    with my new laptop running vista. Keeps telling me device driver not found.
    All these new gadgets say vista compatible and do not provide drivers on
    their website nor with the purchase. Can anyone help me in getting my stuff
    to work with my laptop running vista?

    E, Oct 17, 2007
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  2. E

    Em Guest

    I and and few people I know seem to be having the same problem and nobody can
    seem to find a solution- if anyone knows one my life would be a lot easier
    for college.
    Em, Nov 18, 2007
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  3. E

    E Guest

    Folks! After lots time wasted with HP and posting on forums trying to get a
    response from Microsoft... it appears this can be resolved by one of two
    ways... 1. Try to re-boot your pc from the beginning. This will erase all
    your saved items and return the pc back to its original condition. For some
    reason the drivers didn't load correctly and starting over again fixed my
    problem FINALLY! 2. if that doesn't work, you'll most likely need to return
    your pc to the manufacturer to get a replacement motherboard. Good luck on
    that one! ;)

    E, Nov 18, 2007
  4. E

    MrKit Guest

    You seem to be talking about brand-new, under warranty computers. Mine is 5
    years old and exceeds the Vista Ultimate Standards in every way. Still, some
    USB devices that used to work under Vista do not work now. Many (such as game
    controllers, an HP printer, etc.) did PnP properly at first and then didn't
    work after that. They do not make my motherboard anymore, so to replace it I
    would have to spend money for the board, the cpu and a new video card because
    mine uses AGP. We're talking hundreds and hundreds of dollars to use a
    $399.00 under-acheiving operating system. This seems to be Microsoft's fault
    and they haven't fixed it. I would tell them but my 90 days has expired and I
    can't afford $59.00 for tech support every time their product fails.
    MrKit, Dec 16, 2007
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