Vista doesn't print to an old HP Deskjet 870Cse printer (parallelconnection)...

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Hardware' started by Ant, Oct 3, 2007.

  1. Ant

    Saucy Guest

    There's more than one way to skin a cat. Ask your network supply guy about a
    'CAT5 crossover cable' .

    Saucy, Oct 5, 2007
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  2. Ant

    Phillip Pi Guest

    Or easier, buy a new printer that supports Vista and start using USB. :)
    Phillip Pi
    Senior Software Quality Assurance Analyst
    ISP/Symantec Online Services, Consumer Business Unit
    Symantec Corporation
    Phillip Pi, Oct 5, 2007
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  3. "see how many problems people are haveing with vista..its a nightmare
    Not a nightmare at all at all.
    Windows Vista works very well for many.

    However in the narrow view of a support newsgroup it may appear
    Windows Vista is more troubled that it is just like the human race
    would look bad as viewed from inside a hospital.
    Jupiter Jones [MVP], Oct 5, 2007
  4. It seems like a good time to get a newer printer.
    Adapters are possible, but they often do not work.
    Jupiter Jones [MVP], Oct 5, 2007
  5. Ant

    Phillip Pi Guest

    Yeah, I told her to forget all these cables and adapter. She has a new
    machine that doesn't come with parallel ports. She might as well get a
    new cheap printer that works under Vista. Beside newer printers are
    faster and better. :)

    Phillip Pi
    Senior Software Quality Assurance Analyst
    ISP/Symantec Online Services, Consumer Business Unit
    Symantec Corporation
    Phillip Pi, Oct 5, 2007
  6. Ant

    Calinga47 Guest

    OK - Printing to an old parallel printer through the Belkin USB-Parallel

    Vista will recognize the Belkin adapter when it is plugged in and will
    create a new USB Port device in Device Manager - Under USB Controllers
    in the default view - it will be seen as "USB Printing support." After
    plugging in - you should get the standard "installing drivers" balloon

    Now - there is NO Plug-and-play for ANY Parallel printer, so Vista will
    NOT see the printer at all. You will have to do a manual install through
    the Add a Printer Wizard.

    Select *Local *Printer -> Select a Port -> *USB001 *(Virtual Printer
    Port for USB) *_DO_NOT_Select_LPT1!!!!_*

    (You might notice that there will be TWO virtual ports (USB001 &
    USB002) - useful if you have more than one Parallel printer you wish to
    connect using a second Belkin adapter)

    Next, select the appropriate printer driver - *HP *on the left side;
    *HP Deskjet 870Cse* on the right -> On the next page of the Wizard, you
    can leave the default name or rename the printer; also you can select it
    as the default.

    The driver will be installed. Once done - print a test page.

    I know the procedure is a little counterintuitive, but one must
    remember that this is a non-plug-and-play printer being connected in an
    unorthodox way...

    I can totally understand why someone would want to retain an older
    printer - especially if they are stocked up on ink/toner and don't want
    to waste all of those dollars!

    Regarding the ability to configure these Belkin adapters - I have used
    several dozen of them to support clients over the years - not one
    failure yet!
    Calinga47, Oct 6, 2007
  7. Ant

    huwyngr Guest

    Sorry I can't pull them out of the air. But go to the Print & Scan
    folder in PCHardware on Compuserve at

    and use Advanced Search and you should find messages listed.

    If you are not already logged onto Compuserve you just have to log in
    with an AIM name and a password.
    huwyngr, Oct 12, 2007
  8. Well, I am able to Print to my HP 840c using parallel and USB just fine.
    Have you tried using another driver thats closest to HP 870c and see if it
    will work?
    Andre Da Costa[ActiveWin], Oct 12, 2007
  9. Ant

    huwyngr Guest

    Thanks for the guidance which I will remember but fortunately it's not
    my problem! I don't use USB to parallel adapters.

    However I must say that my Nokia phone uses a USB to Serial adapter and
    I have totally failed to get that working under XP Pro or VISTA despite
    Windows recognizing the adapter and installing the driver for it!
    Neither Windows nor the Nokia PC Suite software recognize that the
    phone is plugged in.

    Still, nothing is perfect!
    huwyngr, Oct 12, 2007
  10. Ant

    huwyngr Guest

    I don't have the problem being discussed -- which incidentally is not
    getting USB or parallel to work but getting USB to Parallel adapters to
    work between a USB computer and a parallel printer.

    I was just answering a question put to me..
    huwyngr, Oct 13, 2007
  11. Ant

    huwyngr Guest

    Not my problem -- I don't use that printer. I was answering a question
    about a reference I made to information on a Compuserve Forum.
    huwyngr, Oct 17, 2007
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