Vista dual boot change XP drive letter???

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by msftnobueno, Apr 1, 2009.

  1. msftnobueno

    msftnobueno Guest

    I searched all over and I haven't found a solution, but I know there ha
    to got to be way to do this. I shrank my XP 64 partition and boote
    from the Vista 64 disk and installed on the unallocated space.
    Everything works except

    When I boot into Vista 64 my XP 64 partition is drive D:, how do
    change the XP partition to any letter but D:? D: has all my data (whe
    booted into XP 64)

    I've read that it can't be done, but there has got to be a way, if
    had a 3 partition triple boot one of those partitions would be somethin
    other than D:

    msftnobueno, Apr 1, 2009
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  2. The solution is to use a 3rd party boot manager. These usually allow you to
    "hide" the operating system that you are NOT booted up to. Both of the
    operating system partitions will be seen as partition C: when in use. The
    other partitions will retain their original partition designation - so your
    partition D: will be seen as such from BOTH operating systems.

    A side benefit is that the non active operating system is pretty much immune
    to virus infections etc. that may infect the operating system you are using
    when you get infected. Because it is hidden it can not be written to!

    Richard Urban
    Microsoft MVP
    Windows Desktop Experience
    Richard Urban, Apr 1, 2009
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  3. msftnobueno

    Jon Guest

    Depending on how you switch operating systems, you may have some success

    Disk Management > Right-click drive > 'Change drive letter and paths' >
    Jon, Apr 1, 2009
  4. msftnobueno

    Hapkido Guest

    Good advice. One of the best, if not the best boot managers, which I have
    used, is VistaBoot Pro found here: It is not
    only compatible with XP and Vista but also Windows 7. A little searching and
    you might be able to find this utility for free on some sites that had this
    for download in the past.
    Hapkido, Apr 1, 2009
  5. msftnobueno

    msftnobueno Guest

    Anyone have experience hiding partitions with Acronis disk director 10?
    or anther boot manager

    I checked out the vistabootpro site and it seems a little suspect, th
    reviews listed on the home page can't be found, I couldn't find it o, and the ratings I did find are not good
    msftnobueno, Apr 1, 2009
  6. Disk Director 10 is not a boot manager. But it can hide partitions. It is a
    bit involved, if you ask me, to use this for selecting which operating
    system you want to boot into.

    I have been using System Commander since about 1993. It has gone through
    many version upgrades to where it is now. I am still using the version that
    came out in 2000 (without any problems) to boot between Vista, Windows XP
    and Windows 7.

    Richard Urban, Apr 1, 2009
  7. msftnobueno

    msftnobueno Guest

    Sorry, I should have been more speciifc. Acronis DD 10 includes a boo
    manager called Acronis OS selector, I don't know if you can only instal
    that program and not the entire suite. Here's one review
    'Dual Booting Tutorial and Review of Acronis Disk Director

    I'd rather use Acronis because I have used true image to partition an
    clone in the past without any problems

    Regardless, since I already have a dual boot setup which operatin
    system should I install the boot manager from? Or can it boot/instal
    from a CD, or does it even matter

    msftnobueno, Apr 1, 2009
  8. Acronis OS Selector can install within any current Window operating system
    if I remember correctly. I do not know if it can hide the partition of the
    O/S that is not being utilized. Others may be able to tell you more.
    Richard Urban, Apr 1, 2009
  9. msftnobueno

    msftnobueno Guest

    Thanks. I've been messing around with acronis and it won't hide x
    because that partition is active. So I think the only way to do this i
    to restore XP, then use system commander or anther boot manager to hid
    the XP partition, then boot from the Vista CD and reinstall Vista, the
    boot from the boot manager CD and restore the mbr that was created b
    the manager. That should allow both OSs to be hidden from each other

    So anyone know the best way to restore XP
    msftnobueno, Apr 1, 2009
  10. msftnobueno

    andy Guest

    I assume the XP64 partition is the Windows Vista system partition. Run
    registry editor, go to MountedDevices, and right click on
    \DosDevices\D: and use the rename command to changed D to some other
    andy, Apr 2, 2009
  11. msftnobueno

    msftnobueno Guest

    I typed the following command at the command prompt with the Vista DV
    in my E: drive

    E:boot\bootsect.exe /nt52 C

    'Removing boot selection in XP - Vista Help Forum

    That seemed to do the trick, as the vista bootloader is gone and n
    probelms booting XP
    msftnobueno, Apr 2, 2009
  12. msftnobueno

    msftnobueno Guest

    So I have been trying to get the OS Wizard in System commander 9 t
    work, but every time I get the "Unable to prepare system"? The possibl
    causes of error are listed as - no partition available, not enoug
    space, the os is not multifat, you do not have multifat. The hel
    references a manual way to add an OS but I can't find iit anywhere i
    the manual

    I'm stuck, any help here? Tech support is closed for the night

    msftnobueno, Apr 2, 2009
  13. Check the help files. Don't you need unallocated space to use the OS wizard?
    The wizard is for preparing and installing a new operating system in the
    unallocated space. I have never used that part of the program as I always
    found Partition Magic, and now Disk Director superior tools for setting up
    new system partitions.


    Richard Urban
    Microsoft MVP
    Windows Desktop Experience
    Richard Urban, Apr 2, 2009
  14. msftnobueno

    msftnobueno Guest

    The only thing i need system commander to do is hide the partition s
    Vista doesn't mess with it during installation. But in the help an
    manual there doesn't seem to be any direction on how to manually hid
    the partition and then install vista, I can guess how to do it but th
    manual has a bunch of warnings saying not to boot from the dvd until th
    wizard has done xyz... I've tried with 181 GB of free space, with fa
    partion, a ntsf partition, and a partition with vista on it every time
    get the same error

    What do you use system commander for and how do you add an OS to it'
    boot manager

    msftnobueno, Apr 2, 2009
  15. Here is how I set up for a new operating when dual booting.

    All operating systems installed on a primary NTFS partition

    1. I disable system commander. The 2000 version can be so disabled so I
    would imaging the newest can be also.

    2. I boot up using the Disk Director CD I created when installing Disk
    Director on my computer.

    3. I hide the appropriate operating system partition. It should state
    that the partition is primary/hidden

    4. I unhide the partition where I want to install the new operating
    system. I make that partition active. It should now state that the partition
    is primary/active.

    5. I commit the changes.

    6. I remove the Disk Director CD

    7. I insert the DVD/CD for the new operating system

    8. I reboot the system and start the installation process. The older
    operating system will not be seen by the installation after the install is

    9. After the install is complete I again boot with the Disk Director CD.
    I make the partition where system Commander is installed the active,
    bootable partition. I hide the other operating system.

    10 I boot up to the wanted operating system and again activate system
    Commander. I set each partition options accordingly so that one O/S does not
    see the other but will see all other partitions.

    I then reboot and check for desired operation.


    Richard Urban
    Microsoft MVP
    Windows Desktop Experience
    Richard Urban, Apr 2, 2009
  16. msftnobueno

    msftnobueno Guest

    Thanks, I'm doing that now but I'm in the vista installer and the X
    partition is there but it's not labeled as a windows OS or a NTF
    partition. I thought a "hidden" partition would be hidden? It's greye
    as unistallable so I guess that means Vista won't touch it??
    msftnobueno, Apr 2, 2009
  17. msftnobueno

    msftnobueno Guest

    Thanks Richard! Those steps worked and were very helpful. The only
    hiccup was that since XP is hidden my upgrade version of Vista wouldn't
    accept the product key, and the vista installer didn't tell that I
    could install without entering the key (gone are the days of putting
    your old windows cd in the drive and it being verified). I had to wait
    until this morning to get a hold of a microsft tech that informed me you
    can install without the key (activiation took care of itself after the
    install was done).

    Reviewers on Amazon are reporting probelms with both Acronis and System
    commander and vista 64. I used Easeus to resize my xp partition. I
    used system commader to create a temporary fat partition and let the
    vista istaller format it to ntsf. I wasn't able to get acronis or
    system commander to automatically prepare my system for a dual boot
    install of vista, and i couldn't find the instructions for doing it

    I happy to report that my problem is solved and both OSes are happy and
    working invisibly from each other. I hope this helps someone, something
    as simple as changing a drive letter shouldn't be this difficult.
    msftnobueno, Apr 2, 2009
  18. msftnobueno

    msftnobueno Guest

    I was tempted to try that but after reading the following article I wa
    worried it would cause more problems than it solved
    'How to restore the system/boot drive letter in Windows
    msftnobueno, Apr 2, 2009
  19. msftnobueno

    msftnobueno Guest

    Here is the response I received from System Commander support


    Thank you for contacting Avanquest Technical Support

    System Commander is not compatible with vista's 64-bit architecture
    Unfortunately, the software has been discontinued and we will not b
    updating it

    Thank you

    Technical Support Representativ

    Avanquest US
    Calabasas, C

    Phone: (818) 591-625
    Web: 'Avanquest - Software for Consumers, Solutions for Business
    msftnobueno, Apr 2, 2009
  20. That is good to know. Since I am using the 2000 version (DOS based) I have
    not run into this problem. It will run anything that I throw at it. The down
    side is that I have to create a small (75 meg) DOS partition, install DOS
    and then install System Commander.
    Richard Urban, Apr 2, 2009
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