Vista gaming serious Performance Issues

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Games' started by Cristian, Feb 9, 2007.

  1. Cristian

    Cristian Guest

    Hi there, I currently bought windows vista home premium and I am very
    dissapointed with its performance when it comes to gaming, I currently
    installed 3 of my favorite games on my system, Battlefield 2142, Ghost Recon
    Advanced Warfighter and Rainbow Six Vegas.

    In Battlefield 2142, the game ran sluggishly but after awhile (about a day
    after) the game started displaying different color vertical lines and then
    pretty soon after that
    the game would not even run telling me that the disk was not in the drive
    (which it was).

    In Ghost Recon AW whenever I look into the direction of where all of the
    action is, my frame rate horribly drops to 19. I never had this problem with
    Xp and I had 1 gig of ram with graphics turned up and highest resolution
    possible at that time and I was doing 90-100fps anytime.

    In Rainbow Six Vegas I also get very low frame rates even with everything
    turned down.

    Will there ever be a Service Pack released so it can fix most of these
    issues with pre-Vista games? I am hoping Vista will not be a repeat of
    Windows Millenium :mad:

    My system Specs:

    Gigabyte nForce570SLi-S4 socket am2 Motherboard
    2.4ghz AMD Athlon 64x2(Dual-Core) 4600+
    Patriot 2 GIGs DDR800 Dual Channel Mode
    eVEGA GeForce 7900 GT KO 256MB
    250 gig SATA 3.0

    note- everything in my computer is updated at all times, this includes BIOS,
    Operating system and Software Drivers. Also nothing is overclocked.....
    Cristian, Feb 9, 2007
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  2. Well, don't go blaming Vista just yet. You nVidia card is most likely the
    problem, well actualy the drivers. Heck there is even a guy talking about a
    lawsuit because nVidia as been so slow to get out vista supported drivers.

    I've played 3-4 hours of BF2142 straight with no sluggish problems. In fact
    last night, I got my 8 knife kills under vista. I also play FEAr and FEAR XP
    and based on the benchmarks, FEAR under vista is only about 10-15 fps slower
    than under XP. Same for Doom3 and Half-Life2. My 3dmark06 score is with 50
    points of my XP score.

    So overall, Vista is on par enough with XP, that's almost a wash. At this
    point, it all boils down to drivers. You might check out and
    try some of those nvidia drivers that are considered beta status.

    When you talk about different color verticle lines that often is a sign that
    the video card is overheating or is being overclocked too much. Obviously if
    you are doing either of those, you might try not overclocking.

    You might have made the jump too soon to vista, but with the next 2-3
    months, I'm sure the drivers will smooth out and it will be happen gaming
    for all.
    Dale \Mad_Murdock\ White, Feb 9, 2007
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  3. Cristian

    JimR Guest

    It's not Vista. It's the Nvidia drivers. It is well known that the latest
    Nvidia Vista graphics drivers are not producing decent frame rates. The
    chatter on the Nvidia boards is that proper drivers for 7xxx series boards
    are still a few months out. If you would like to see the frustration first
    hand -
    JimR, Feb 9, 2007
  4. I agree with everyone's opinion that drivers are a major issue here. I had a
    really bad problem with gaming and believe it or not it turned out that the
    problem was my Logitech mouse. The driver was conflicting with something
    else causing stuttering. I obtained a new Microsoft keyboard/mouse combo
    with the certified for Windows Vista symbol on it and everything seems to be
    fine. Nvidia only just recently released some drivers for their chipsets so
    check this as well on their website assuming you have an NVidia chipset. The
    video drivers need some tweaking but that will come in time.

    RR Johnson Jr., Feb 9, 2007
  5. Cristian

    Dale White Guest

    Was that mouse the G5 or G7 ? In case you didn't see I had that problem with
    the G15 Keyboard. Just crazy I say !
    Dale White, Feb 9, 2007
  6. Cristian

    Byron Hinson Guest

    As others have said, the drivers are still in an early state (especially the
    Nvidia drivers which they themselves have even said are poor), it'll take a
    few months before performance gets really good in gaming on Vista.
    Byron Hinson, Feb 9, 2007
  7. Cristian

    mlai Guest

    If you want a quick fix, get an ATI X1950Pro..... I am not kidding. I have
    an 8800GTS and I went out and got the Sapphire X1950pro to just get some
    decent performance and stability under vista.......
    mlai, Feb 10, 2007
  8. RR Johnson Jr., Feb 10, 2007
  9. Cristian

    LC Guest

    It's not just gaming. I am testing Vista for copoate use (no games) on a
    Dell ATGD620, 2GB, 1.83 GB Duo Intel. I have noticed signifincant
    differences between Vista and XP runing on a much smaller machines while
    performing normal business functions.

    Vista would not be accepted by the field due to decreased performance.
    LC, Feb 11, 2007
  10. I'm running a similar machine 590sli x25200 pair of 7600. get the beta
    drivers from nvidia. worked or atleast improved things foe me.
    Charles Genaro, Feb 12, 2007
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