Vista has a mind of its own.

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Performance' started by BethMarie, May 30, 2008.

  1. BethMarie

    BethMarie Guest

    I am really tired of Vista deciding what it wants to do with no input from
    me. This time all the font sizes in the display windows decided to grow
    larger. It was fine when I turned off the PC, but when I turned it on the
    next day all the font sizes had grown by at least 100%. I tried to change the
    size of the font, but that did not work.

    In reality I would like to get rid of Vista and go back to XP--there I
    didn't have to worry what it was thinking up to do today
    BethMarie, May 30, 2008
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  2. In the first place, NO OS "thinks", nor do they make "rational
    decisions". They "make decisions" (if that is what you want to call
    the process) based on numerical and logical conditions, not being
    thinking creatures as we are. They can ONLY do what the programmers
    or users have configured them to do. Nothing more, and nothing less.

    i.e., ("Garbage in, Garbage out.")

    IF the desktop resolution is changing each time you reboot, I suggest
    that something is wrong with either your installation, or the way YOU
    have configured the machine.

    OR, you have a faulty video card, or one which is not fully Vista

    OR faulty drivers.

    I guess the familiar is easier to use than the unfamiliar for some
    simple-minded folk. If you are having that much trouble with Vista,
    go back to XP.

    No one will know, nor will anyone care.

    Donald L McDaniel
    Please reply to the original newsgroup and thread.
    Donald L McDaniel, May 30, 2008
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  3. BethMarie

    BethMarie Guest

    BethMarie, May 31, 2008
  4. BethMarie

    Znod Guest

    Agreed. Also, yes, for some reason your screen resolution is changing.
    think that happens to all of us from time to time, but not regularly a
    in your case. How long have you had the problem. If it arose recently
    then a system restore to an appropriate point might sort it


    Znod, May 31, 2008
  5. BethMarie

    C.B. Guest

    The tone of his answer was directly proportional to the attitude of
    your post. You asked for it and he gave it.

    C.B., May 31, 2008
  6. BethMarie

    Gordon Guest

    Then if that is so, tell us what steps you have taken to try to resolve
    this, before posting your vague and generalised anti-Vista rantings...
    Gordon, May 31, 2008
  7. BethMarie

    Ronc Guest

    After using Windows 9x for 10 years and then switching to Vista, I feel your
    pain. Although I did not experience your font size issue, permanent
    customizations that were easily made in Win98 seem to no longer "stick".
    The web page window size issue has been driving me nuts for the past 12
    months. I set the window size and after reboot it's back to where it was to
    start (too small). I've googled the issue, read dozens of "fixes", none of
    which work permanently on the final Vista build.

    I once experienced a "feature" in which moving the scroll wheel on the mouse
    would change the screen resolution but it hasn't done it in quite a while.
    I'd like to know how to do it, mainly so that if it happens again I'll know
    how to turn it off.
    Ronc, May 31, 2008
  8. Something tells me that you really didn't understand anything I said.
    Which is why I was "dismissive", as you call it. If you can't
    understand that Vista does not think, you certainly can't understand
    any help anyone has to offer you.
    Beth, it's obvious that you don't like Vista. Why continue using it if
    you don't like it?

    I've spoken the truth to you, without pulling any punches. I've also
    offered you a few pointers to help you find the problem. I'm sorry
    you didn't appreciate the help I had to offer.

    By the way, Beth, I was not attempting to be rude to you. If it
    appears that way to you, please forgive me.

    I admit that I am not a very "diplomatic" person. I will never tell
    someone just what they want to hear. I will always get right to the
    crux of a matter.

    IF it offends you, then I can only apologize.

    It's very important that folks know that computers are NOT
    intelligent, as human beings are, and as machines, they cannot make
    arbitrary "decisions" as human beings can. Then, they will stop
    blaming the OS, and start looking for the REAL problems.

    But folks who continually anthropomorphize their machinery are doomed
    to repeat their mistakes over and over.

    Donald L McDaniel
    Please reply to the original newsgroup and thread.
    Donald L McDaniel, May 31, 2008
  9. The only time my screen resolution changes is when I change it myself.
    Vista NEVER does anything "on its own", since it HAS no "own".

    It, as an inanimate OS, on an inanimate machine, has no such ability
    to make arbitrary "decisions". In fact, it cannot make "decisions", as
    human beings do, since it has no consciousness, no personality, no
    spirit, no will, and no humanity -- just numbers and logical
    conditions based on those numbers, which cannot, in any way, "suddenly
    decide" to change your screen resolution.

    If this is "rude", then so be it.

    Donald L McDaniel
    Please reply to the original newsgroup and thread.
    Donald L McDaniel, May 31, 2008
  10. BethMarie

    Cj Guest

    I have the same problem intermittently, I assume that I "did something" to
    cause it but I cannot figure out what it is nor can I fix it. Vista on my
    machine has dozens of miscellaneous "features" that have popped up randomly
    over the past few months, I can't get rid of them and I too intend to go
    back to XP to avoid wasting all my time with fixes. I have had some good
    advice from people in this newsgroup but when I get down to the "fix" screen
    it is always grayed out, this has happened a half dozen times and I am sick
    of it. Vista is a disaster for me.
    Cj, May 31, 2008
  11. BethMarie

    t-4-2 Guest

    Hello Cj,
    Can't help you much if you don't specify what is/are your problem(s).
    As to font size that grew larger, I believe Brink suggested to
    BethMarie about changing the DPI. In case you missed it, here is how :
    Right click on desktop, choose Personalize. Left panel, choose Adjust
    font size (DPI). Default scale is 96DPI. If you want to make further
    changes, click Custom DPI. You can follow the instructions there.
    t-4-2, Jun 1, 2008
  12. BethMarie

    Ronc Guest

    You chose an interesting example that illustrates another baffling problem
    I've gotten used to on my Vista machine. Both in Win98 and in Vista I
    always set my DPI to 120. In fact the Vista DPI scaling applet you
    described always reads 120 and not 96 ever since the first time I changed
    it. The problem is that I frequently dock/undock my computer which
    automatically changes the screen resolution since my monitor is larger, as
    it should. The problem is that sometimes I need to reboot my computer after
    docking (don't get me started... that's a whole nother issue). The first
    time I reboot my true DPI gets smaller even though it still says 120 and to
    fix it I reboot a second time. Now, finally the true DPI once again agrees
    with the stated selected DPI and everything is fine until the next time I
    need to reboot after docking. I would be more than happy to set up every
    detail of my viewing options for every hardware profile I expect to
    encounter. But no, Microsoft has chosen to eliminate the concept of
    hardware profiles in Vista which we were used to seeing in previous versions
    and let the chips fall where they may.
    Ronc, Jun 1, 2008
  13. BethMarie

    t-4-2 Guest

    Hello Ronc,
    Regarding default DPI scale, please click the screenshot link below :
    t-4-2, Jun 1, 2008
  14. BethMarie

    t-4-2 Guest

    t-4-2, Jun 1, 2008
  15. BethMarie

    Ronc Guest

    Ronc, Jun 2, 2008
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