Vista has become unstable & can't uninstall

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by DLee, Sep 5, 2006.

  1. DLee

    DLee Guest

    I installed Vista as a dual boot on a XP Pro PC. Vista is on a larger
    and separate hard drive apart from the C. Things were fine. I added the
    Office and IE Betas on the system. Although my graphics card is the one
    factor not meeting standards, the OS still displays beautifully.
    Back to the problem. I have a TV tuner installed on the XP OS and attempted
    (unsuccessfully) to install the card on Vista as well. Since then, the
    entire computer has become unstable. Upon booting, the dual boot screen
    no longer displays and it goes straight to Vista with an unstable,
    rapidly flickering screen that then attempts to provide a sign-on
    screen, finally resting to a display to switch user (there's only one).
    The red restart menu flickers as well when I attempt to reboot and I
    can't choose any thing. Repeatedly, I've shut the computwer down
    manually, just turning it off, and re-started to setup, trying every
    setting to no avail.
    I am at this point ready to uninstall. I tried booting from the Vista
    disk to do this, but the disk didn't respond. My XP Pro
    is now very difficult to start-up and occasionally demonstrates that
    same flickering. I don't want to even turn it off now that I've got it
    back to XP but what should I do now?
    HELP!!! Should I uninstall via Explorer or...???
    Thanks so much in advance. I'd love to keep testing Vista,
    Donna Weber
    DLee, Sep 5, 2006
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  2. I have a few concerns. 1: the IE 7 beta is for XP, Vista has it's own make.
    So don't download the IE 7 program to install on Vista. 2: I am interrupting
    that your graphics card worked, but not the tv turner? How did you try to
    install the tv turner? through Vista, or did you download a update from the
    manufacturer? Now Vista is on a seperate physical hard drive? or just a
    different partition? If on the same hard drive, but seperate partition, then
    do this.

    1: Go to Control Panel, Administative Tools, Computer Management.

    2: (In computer management) go to Disk Management

    3: Find the partition that vista is on, and wipe it (right-click and delete

    4: Insert XP disk, and reboot, and boot off of the XP disk

    5: Once all of the drivers from the disk are loaded, type 'R' for repair

    6. (I've never actually used the Recovery Console) when you get to a command
    line, type fixmbr

    7. Hopefully everything will be repaired.

    Everything 'should' be ok after that. Shout back if not.
    [email protected], Sep 5, 2006
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  3. DLee

    DLee Guest

    Thanks for the reply. Vista is installed on a seperate 120 gig drive. Since
    this is my primary PC, I didn't want to take chances with a partition. I
    believe I installed the correct IE, but can't swear to it since I can't
    The graphics card does work, but not the TV tuner. I tried installing the
    tuner (Norwood) from the CD provided. I'm sure that was a mistake at this
    Unfortunately, I'm not at the computer right now, so I haven't tried Disk
    management yet. I did go into setup and made sure the boot drive was C.
    That didn't work. Then I changed the primary boot to the CD-Rom drive, but
    that didn't work either. I basically have to go through the various
    mechanics repeatedly (set-up, booting from XP CD) and eventually get XP to
    startup. Have not used Disk management yet.
    Unfortunately, I didn't cancel automatic updates last time I was on, so it
    processed and restarted itself and I'm back to square one. Fortunately, I am
    networked and have been able to access both drives and am backing up docs via
    my laptop.
    Once I get on again, I doubt if the restore/rollback function will affect
    the alternate drive, but I can use Explorer to just delete it's content, but
    would that resolve the boot problem? I am definately both cautious and
    frustrated, but am learning a few important lessons, indeed.
    Thanks in advance, again,

    DLee, Sep 5, 2006
  4. I would recommend backing up all of your files to a network share, a external
    hard drive, or a pin drive (memory stick 'usb'). Same procedure would apply
    with a slave drive. Go into disk management, delete the Vista partition, and
    boot off of the XP disk, type 'R' for repair and type fixmbr. Worst case
    scenario, you would have to start from scratch. But fixing the master boot
    record, and XP should do it.
    [email protected], Sep 5, 2006
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