Vista Home Prem - Update Error 8000FFFF

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by jsebenoler, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. jsebenoler

    jsebenoler Guest


    I've seen several posts about the issue of not being able to update
    Vista and the error is # 8000FFFF.

    Does _ANYONE_ know anything about this problem? I didn't see any
    responses to any of the posts already here.

    My system is now 2 months behind because it will not update. This
    machine is just 2 months old. New Sony Vaio notebook, and all programs
    are legit and the box passes muster in every other way. Authenticates,

    Called Microsoft about this....the guy I spoke with was just clueless
    about this. No idea except to tell me that I should consider
    reinstalling my OS. NOT an option and I shouldn't have to anyway on a
    2 month old system.

    ANYONE, please post a solution if you have it for this mess. I'm going
    to give it a few more days but if Microsoft and all the rest of us are
    not able to come up with some ideas, this pup's headed for Craigslist,
    and I"ll be going back to my old linux system and giving Microsoft the
    total finger for future purchases.

    Appreciate any help anyone out there might be able to give on this.

    jsebenoler, Sep 12, 2007
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  2. jsebenoler

    Mhzjunkie Guest

    jsebenoler spewed out this bit, and i'll scatter a few bits myself:


    1 PRINT "Windows Vista ERROR"
    GOTO 1
    Mhzjunkie, Sep 12, 2007
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  3. jsebenoler

    Paul Randall Guest

    I clicked the link, but it seems way too confusing to figure out what any
    post is referring to. For example, I skipped to the last last entry on the
    last page hoping to find a success story. I see:

    < BIGS1922:
    < It worked like a charm by following your instructions to a "T", with no
    memory required to be
    < removed.

    Wonderful! Now how do I find those instructions that worked like a charm.
    I'm used to the tree structure shown in Outlook Express, so I can see
    who/what a poster is referring to. Is there some link I'm not seeing, that
    will get me to the post that the current post is referring to? Must I
    carefully examine all the BIGS1922 posts in the thread and try to guess at
    which one the current post refers to?

    Thanks for any help or URLs that you can post to help make Microsoft's
    forums more useful to me.

    -Paul Randall
    Paul Randall, Sep 12, 2007
  4. jsebenoler

    Mhzjunkie Guest

    Paul Randall spewed out this bit, and i'll scatter a few bits myself:
    With all due respect sir, are you from outer space ? That contains 15 posts,
    and two damned pages !

    If you soak long enough you'll either break down and read it, or break your
    computer into tiny pieces.

    Doesn't matter to me if it fixes your problem or what you do after you
    spewing that shit.

    Are you drunk ?

    <walks off shooting Paul Randall the bird>


    1 PRINT "Windows Vista ERROR"
    GOTO 1
    Mhzjunkie, Sep 12, 2007
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