Vista home premium disk management query..."Unallocated" space recoverable?

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Performance' started by ropeyarn, Mar 16, 2008.

  1. ropeyarn

    ropeyarn Guest

    -New Dell machine that shipped with two internal hard drives and arrived
    in a RAID 1 configuration.

    -I removed the RAID and some default recovery partitions and associated
    drive letters with no issues. Well, *almost*.

    On what is now a non-RAID, 500 GB "C" drive, there are 15 GB showing up
    as "unallocated" (this used to be a Dell recovery partition of some
    kind...but I manage my data backups separately).

    Anyway to have those 15 GB returned to the OS/primary partition (without
    formattting or adding a drive letter?

    Under disk management, the only function being offered is new simple volume.

    The 15 GB is negligible given the two large internal drives available...
    ropeyarn, Mar 16, 2008
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