Vista Installation freezes at Completing Installation stage.

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Installation' started by Brain Ache, Feb 4, 2007.

  1. Brain Ache

    Brain Ache Guest

    Have been trying for two days without success to install Vista Home Premium.
    I'm trying to install it on a 3.4Ghz Dual Core machine with 3Gb of memory and
    a terrabyte of storage. In my endeavours to install the new OS I've stripped
    the machine down piece by piece to check for faulty or unsupported hardware.
    About an hour ago I took the last possible piece of hardware out and tried
    again. Still Nothing!

    Any suggestions will be happily received.

    At the moment I'm ready to chuck Vista in the bin..
    Brain Ache, Feb 4, 2007
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  2. You might want to try a Mac, these problem simply don't occur on a more
    modern computer.

    You can get them here:
    Michelle Steiner, Feb 4, 2007
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  3. Brain Ache

    Rock Guest

    If you have no suggestions for the OP to help them install Vista then go
    troll in a Mac newsgroup. You're nothing but a troll. It's pathetic,
    Rock, Feb 4, 2007
  4. Brain Ache

    Rock Guest

    Brian what's the computer configuration, what motherboard, what hard driver,
    PATA or SATA, how are they configured, what video system, what drivers? How
    are you doing the installation and where does it fail? Maybe if you provide
    more details someone here will be familiar with the issue and offer some
    Rock, Feb 4, 2007
  5. Brain Ache

    DSC Guest

    Dear Brian,

    I had a similar experience. At about 67% of part five in the installation it
    just froze. I was able to get it going again and it actually completed.
    However, since then it has screwed so much that I had to go back to XP and
    reinstall everything there. Now I have no wireless network, can eith get on
    the internet or use my Vonage phone but not both. I paid $172 for this piece
    of shit and I worse off than when I bought it. I called Geek Squad today and
    they said they could come and fix it next Saturday and charge me $171
    dollars. I do use a NAC at work and they have their problems too.

    DSC, Feb 4, 2007

  6. If you have no suggestions for the OP to help them install Vista then go
    troll in a Mac newsgroup. You're nothing but a troll. It's pathetic,

    look above, he clearly said:

    "Any suggestions will be happily received"

    I provide a high quality "suggestion", and you are upset about it? not
    sure why.

    Just trying to help!
    Michelle Steiner, Feb 4, 2007
  7. Brain Ache

    DylanM Guest

    I don't think you've advertised enough that you're a technologically inept
    troll. Though I am amused by how you think your opinion actually matters...

    Brain, I'f you've got a wireless B network adapter in your system uninstall
    or remove it and see if that helps.

    DylanM, Feb 5, 2007
  8. Brain Ache

    kelly Guest

    Are you upgrading on clean installing? I tried to update my XP and got stuck
    at 64% every time. i then just did a complete install on a partitioned disk
    and it was flawless. It is probably programs in XP that keep running and mess
    things up. I heard one fix was to go to msconfig and change it to diagnostic
    startup. That worked for some people but not for me.
    kelly, Feb 6, 2007
  9. Brain Ache

    Brain Ache Guest

    After a great deal of trial and error I managed to get Vista to install on my
    machine. Sadly it was incredibly unstable and hung at every oportunity.

    However I've managed to identify the hardware causing the problems.For
    future reference avoid installing Vista on systems using a Foxconn 945GZ7MC
    Motherboard and it's also a good idea to avoid the ATI Radeon X550 as it was
    only barely able to cope even with it's own 512Mb of memory.

    Well I'll wait till payday and get a new motherboard and video card. Any

    Brain Ache, Feb 8, 2007
  10. Brain Ache

    Maff Guest

    It looks like a general Foxconn problem, I have a 945P7AA Foxconn motherboard
    that did EXACTLY the same as you (froze every time at "completing
    installation" and now freezes every minute or 2 within Vista)

    I contacted the company that supplied it (as they still sell it, which I
    don't think they should if it's only going to work with and old OS) and they
    tested it and got the same result, they have contacted Foxconn China to try
    to get it resolved, we're still waiting though!
    Maff, Feb 9, 2007
  11. Brain Ache

    Maff Guest

    BRAIN ACHE - please get in touch with me
    maff "at"

    I have some info that may be able to help you!
    Maff, Feb 10, 2007
  12. Brain Ache

    Cottinlipp Guest

    I had the same problem. I was running with 4 GB RAM. Removed two and
    installation finally completed. Now I can't get it to boot with more than 2
    GB, but at least I got it runnning.
    Cottinlipp, Feb 16, 2007
  13. Brain Ache

    ddrexler Guest

    vista runs fine on intel 965co motherboard with either 2x 512MB Kingston
    at 667 or 2x 1GB Kingston at 667. but when i try to combine the 4 memory
    sticks, nothing works, vista gets stuck at boot, or during install at
    completing installation, or during safe mode boot at crcdisk.sys.

    even trying 2x1gb + 1x 512md doesn't work. i've got a core 2 duo
    processor, and even tryed turning off the second processor core in
    bios, with no luck. i can only guess it's either the bios (which i got
    the latest off) or vista has a glitch with mismatched ram.

    i need to say though, even if i try to misnatch the rams in the memory
    slots to force single channel, the motherboard still thinks it's dual
    channel, so my guess right now is motherboard. i sent off an email to
    intel, but so far no response. (2 days waiting).

    i'll keep you guys posted

    ddrexler, Feb 18, 2007
  14. Brain Ache

    Cottinlipp Guest

    You described the same problem I had with an Intel DQ965GF...exactly. I have
    two different pairs of 1GB RAM, one Kingston and one off-brand, but they both
    have the same specs (1GB DDR2-667 PC2 5300). I can get Vista to boot with any
    pair, even mixed between the two brands, but it won't boot with more than
    2GB. I too have updated the motherboard BIOS and drivers, to no avail. I just
    hate having $300 worth of RAM sitting on my desk NEXT to my PC. I am very
    interested to find out what Intel has to say. Thanks for the post.
    Cottinlipp, Feb 18, 2007
  15. I can confirm that this is a known problem with the latest family of Q965
    motherboards from Intel.

    I have a DQ965GF motherboard which runs without problems with up to 4GB of
    Kingston KVR800D2N5K2/2G RAM, which is on the compatibility list for the
    board, but only with XP or Windows 2003. Vista cannot accept more than 2GB
    on the motherboard, no matter which banks or which sticks I choose.

    It simply doesn't start, hanging forever at the startup screen (if it was
    already installed with just 2GB), or at the "Completing Installation" step
    of Setup. Give it up to 2GB and it will work, but not more than 2GB.

    I've tested all the memory sticks, and they're ok, so this doesn't seem to
    be a memory problem. Intel says that they have already received several
    reports, and they are investigating the issue, but nothing more.

    Their point is that they have obtained the Vista premium logo on a DQ965GF
    with 4GB, on December, but they have not disclosed on which motherboard

    I have a revision 305, which is actually under test in Swindon, UK. Do you
    have other news on this issue ?
    Andrea Brajuka, Feb 28, 2007
  16. Brain Ache

    Brain Ache Guest

    Success after nearly a month.

    Today I popped out and bought a Asus P5B motherboard and to be on the safe
    side I also bought an ATI X1650 graphics card with 512Meg of memory on it.

    Vista loaded like a dream.

    Ta Ta
    Brain Ache, Feb 28, 2007
  17. Brain Ache

    Peter Kelly Guest

    I am having the same problem , I have tried installing it almost 20x and
    cannot understand why it will not install. I tried installing Win Server
    2003 Ent this worked fine no problems at all. If anyione knows how to fix
    this issue with foxconn etc.. please let me know, my motherboard etc.. is
    below: -

    2gb OCZ platinum revision 2 dual channel
    foxconn 975X7AB-8EKRS2H
    520w Corsair cmpsu-520hxuk
    core 2 quad q6600
    256mb sapphire radeon hd2400 pro
    250gb samsung sp2504c
    Lite-on LH-20A1s-11c SATA

    Any help would be really apprciated
    Peter Kelly, Jul 30, 2007
  18. I believe I have found and solved the problem folks... I just stumble
    on it. Disable the execute disable bit in your BIOS... did it
    successfully installed Vista, and have not crashed yet. Good luck
    computerbutler, Jan 1, 2008
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