Vista Installation Issues, Headache after Headache

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by Tommyboy5300, Jun 12, 2006.

  1. Tommyboy5300

    Tommyboy5300 Guest

    My first attempt to install vista turned out to be nothing but problem after
    problem. I am installing on my main machine on a secondary hard drive that
    has no other operating system on that secondary. When I tried to install
    vista booting to the installation dvd I recieve a message when selecting
    partition to install it on that dialog screen I recieved no partition meets
    the requirments to accept the install. This is a IDE western digital formated
    40 GB hard drive. I've tried reformating, repartitioning and reinstalling
    with no success. I have even tried a different hard drive. So I attempted
    the install from my XP pro OS and the installation would get to the expanding
    files part and freeze or randomly reboot without continuing the installation.
    After some research I found people were able to circumvent this problem with
    installing vista from xp pro safe mode. So I did this and it was a success.
    Once it rebooted I recieved a error message from the new vista boot manager
    bootload.exe is corrupt. Once again I did research and found that if you do
    a startup repair from the installation DVD it would solve this issue. Once
    the startup repair completed I did a reboot and got another error message
    from vista boot manager \boot\bcd cannot be found, unable to load vista. At
    this point I no longer can select my XP Pro option so my computer is dead in
    the water. I am not able to find any info on this \boot\bcd cannot be found
    issue. Anybody have an suggestions or similar problem? I plan on doing that
    boot\fixntfs -xp loader to get my xp pro installation back. But I would
    still like to get vista running. Any suggestion would be greatly
    appreciated. Thanks in advance.
    Tommyboy5300, Jun 12, 2006
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