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Discussion in 'Windows Vista Installation' started by Steve S, Jun 26, 2006.

  1. Steve S

    Steve S Guest

    I have a Motion 1400.

    I upgraded to Vista using the MS DVD.

    Vista comes up but is hung up on an item.

    A box appears saying that THere is a problem with Windows Explorer and that
    Windows is lookng for a solution.

    A minute later, a box comes up saying that the Windows explorer could not
    work correctly and that Windows was closing this program.

    If I do not click the cancel box, the computer seems to stop. I mean that
    the clock stops.

    When I click the cancel box, the process starts over again and again.

    At the beginning while windows looks to correct the problem with explorer, a
    box appears and asks for the original disc for Office 2003. This was
    installed by the University administrator. I have an Office disc but cannot
    install it on Vista. When I cancel the task, it does not reappear.

    Only the Windows explorer box appears.

    I am unable to access the DVD for a system install.

    I backed up the tablet.

    I hope that i do not have to reformat the computer and reinstall XP.

    This quite disappointing. I want to use Vista for its improved handwriting

    Look forward to your wisdom.

    Steve S
    Steve S, Jun 26, 2006
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