Vista Internet Explorer Horror and confusion

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Performance' started by MrCTC, Sep 14, 2008.

  1. MrCTC

    MrCTC Guest

    OK this is getting stupid I have vista running and everytime I go to
    close a Internet Explorer window it stopps and I get a message internet
    explorer has stopped and then it restarts sometimes I cant close the
    window it just sits there frozen even when I right click and click
    close it just stays there till i go and close it useing the Task
    Manager and it is getting so stupid can anyone at all help me?
    MrCTC, Sep 14, 2008
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  2. MrCTC

    Gordon Guest

    Sounds like an add-in. Try starting IE in no-addins mode (Start-All
    programs-Accessories-System Tools) and see if that cures it. If it does,
    then you need to disable all add-ins and en-enable them one by one until you
    find the culprit(s).


    BTW, for IE support post in
    Gordon, Sep 14, 2008
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  3. MrCTC

    HappyAndyK Guest

    Pls see if 'IE 7 crashes or freezes frequently in Vista '
    ( you.
    HappyAndyK, Sep 14, 2008
  4. MrCTC

    Sandy Guest

    You could just take the easy way out and switch to Firefox and probably be
    up and running smoothly again in a matter of minutes........
    Sandy, Sep 14, 2008
  5. MrCTC

    xmrkneezx Guest

    Internet Explorer has stopped working and needs to close an
    restart..... Or Close Program.... Please click ok! What a pain! Well,
    found a fix for it and it's very simple...perhaps it will work for you
    I'm running Vista Home Premium on my HP Notebood. What I did was this:
    1)Open Control Pane
    2)Click on Internet Option
    3)Click on Advanced Ta
    4)click on the RESET button at the botto
    Internet Explorer is fixed, just that simple.

    You loose your plugin toolbars but you don't loose any bookmarks...I
    tells you what it will do and another popup will tell you again when yo
    go to click ok.

    Now.... Anyone have a fix for me? I'm running yahoo messenger but i
    the chat room I have no sound. I have sound for anything and everythin
    else...except yahoo chat room. Can't figure this one out....if anyon
    has a fix for that...please send it along to me. Than
    xmrkneezx, Sep 14, 2008
  6. MrCTC

    MrCTC Guest

    Thankx happy I thought of that after I posted it and it was a java
    add-in that did it. Now if I can get my Axis and Allies rame to run
    right I will be a bit happier.......
    MrCTC, Sep 15, 2008
  7. MrCTC

    Alex Guest

    What Yahoo! Messenger version do you use?
    Alex, Oct 25, 2008
  8. MrCTC

    xmrkneezx Guest

    Alex, at the time I posted my comment I think I was running Messenge
    8...then I came across a Vista sound fix and that took care of th
    Since that time, I've had to format my laptop...when I went t
    reinstall Yahoo Messenger...I discovered that the Yahoo 9 Beta progra
    had since addressed the "no sound" problem for the chat part of th
    program. So, all is well.

    Just a quick plug too... I also use *YTunnelPro* as a Companion t
    Yahoo Messenger. If you (or anyone reading this post) use Yaho
    Messenger Chat a lot, it is totally worth the very nominal one time fee
    I've been using it for nearly 8yrs now and I highly recommend it....bu
    I use Yahoo Messenger exclusively too. Honestly, It's a waste of mone
    for the casual user but if you use the Chat part of the program a lot
    like I do, it's well worth it. It has many configurable securit
    safeguards that the regular YM program just falls short on or simpl
    doesn't have
    xmrkneezx, Oct 26, 2008
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