vista is crap

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Games' started by Vista crap, May 11, 2007.

  1. Vista crap

    Drew Guest

    I tend to agree with your post...I also remember when xp came out and it was
    a joke causing never ending problems....Now it is a pretty solid op system
    but sadly bogged down with service packs and other crap that has hurt it I
    believe...Technology moves forward and we now have a new "xp" to tweak and
    cure its ails...Unfortunately people tend to forget how bad xp truly was
    when it first came out....I also know what you mean about same system
    different results...I have answered some questions in these newsgroups from
    people that have just about the identical system as I ...They are having
    never ending problems and I have had none....I believe that the only way
    that I have not had these problems is the fact that I built a brand new
    custom machine when xp came out and had no problems ..This time I built
    another brand new custom machine for Vista and once again no problems...I
    would be leery of installing vista on my (what is now ) old xp machine...I
    also believe that if you took a brand new fresh xp sp2 install (with
    absolutely nothing else on it) and then installed Vista you would have less
    problems...I think a lot of people are taking there xp machines that have
    years of crap and possibly damaged drivers and updates and trying to install
    Vista and then actually complaining because there are problems...How else
    does one explain it ??... Oh and by the way you are right in your assumption
    that this is a newsgroup forum but this is also a place for people to vent
    therefore yes someone might tell you to **** off !!....I am not one of them
    ......Just my 3 cents
    Drew, May 28, 2007
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  2. Vista crap

    bodgerman Guest

    Hi ya Drew

    I dare say you are right it what you say about people installing Vist
    upon an existing operating system. I have had many customers who hav
    upgraded from Win 98 to Win XP and no end of problems have begun.

    In my view its always best to install an operating system from scratc
    because if there are problems with hardware it will soon show up.

    I recently put together a Dual Core Intel with a EVGA 8800Gts bu
    before i did. I did alot of research. Alot of people were havin
    problems with drivers for Vista. so Primarily i stuck with XP bu
    because some of my customers were getting laptops with Vista on an
    they were asking me allsorts of questions about how to do this an
    that, i went and installed
    vista on my main rig. No problems with the install and no problem
    with the graphics card. So a clean install is always the way
    bodgerman, May 28, 2007
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  3. Vista crap

    Deke Guest

    Get some new toys whilst at the shops as you've obviously just thrown yours
    out your pram :)
    Deke, Jun 6, 2007
  4. Vista crap

    Wulf-359 Guest

    Part of the problem with that idea is that the trouble shooting suggestions
    do nothing to solve the problem, since there are generic ideas to try, and it
    seems that most if not all of the problems with Vista are not generic

    Specific case in point (mine), and I have yet to find anyone else with this

    On alot of the games I have downloaded and tried to install from games
    bought out in town, some of the games load fine, and appear to start to run
    fine, and otherwise work fine, except for one small detail. When it gets to
    the part where the game is operating (only when these games try fullscreen,
    which obviously, is how I would want it), the game screen is split four ways,
    and all 4 corners end up in the opposite of where they are supposed to be,
    lower left to upper right, etc.

    Not all of the games do this, no matter where I get them from. Even some of
    the games that "came with Vista" have done this, which makes them basically
    unplayable. Some have loaded and played normally. And this has happened to
    games from sites like Yahoo.Games and, and so on.

    I have looked in the windows self help section, and tried some of the
    "trouble shooting techniques" listed there, like running the game under
    system admin, disabling what they call aeroglass (or whatever), and even
    trying to force the game to play in a window (using the options under the
    properties tab that are a part of Vista/windows. But when I have done any of
    these, the game "forces" the system to go to it's own display properties and
    the problem is still there.

    Specifically, I have tried to load and play both BF 2142, and Elder Scrolls
    Oblivion, and both have the same problem with the display. I have even tried
    adjusting the local settings of the display to try to force the computer to
    run the recommended game settings, with no luck.

    The computer is an HP a1730n, running Windows Vista Home Premium with 1918
    MB, on an AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4600+ 2.40 GHz. The video
    card is nVidia GeForce 6150 LE with what looks like 128 MB onboard.

    This computer I am using is not mine, and while I was faintly entertaining
    the idea of having Vista as the OS when I get my own new one, all of these
    problems have put that idea firmly to rest. You can crow all day if you want
    about how awesome Vista is, but when an operating system has THIS MANY
    PROBLEMS from this many people, that tells me this system IS crap, like the
    originator of this line posted. And this is not a custom system, this is how
    it came from the store, so nothing odd ordered that could be causing some of
    the problems here.

    Leave it to Microsoft to overcomplicate something this bad.
    Wulf-359, Jun 6, 2007
  5. An NVidia 6150 LE is an integrated part, and will have issues running games
    on Windows XP or any other operating system. It's not exactly fair to judge
    the gaming performance of a system based on such a low-end part.

    That said, have you tried installing the latest Windows Vista driver from
    the NVidia website? The inbox drivers are often many months behind on
    performance optimizations.
    Chuck Walbourn [MSFT], Jun 12, 2007
  6. Vista crap

    Wulf-359 Guest

    You know, it is kind of funny that you mention that. After posting that
    message, I searched more, and DID find someone else with a similar (or the
    same problem), and the suggested fix was to download the drivers (I should
    have thought of that before, being into computers and all), and I DID try
    that. Downloaded and updated the drivers for the "newest and bestest" from
    NVidia. Here's the kicker. I was able to solve the problem with the screen
    splitting, but it apparently created NEW problems, because now the system is
    showing an error that reads something like "can't find display driver name"
    or something like that, and I haven't even been able to get to the point
    where the game was at least somewhat viewable.

    I think this was for the Elder Scrolls game this happened, but it lets me
    into the games starting menu where you can select options, online or offline
    play, etc, and then I click play, and it comes back with that error, which it
    didn't do before I downloaded the updated drivers.

    So it seems that end users aren't the only ones having problems with Vista,
    the hardware people are too.
    Wulf-359, Jun 13, 2007
  7. Vista crap

    Spook Guest

    Spook, Jun 26, 2009
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