Vista Long boot times after FSX crashed due to DEP

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Games' started by Abe, May 4, 2007.

  1. Abe

    Abe Guest

    I have installed a fresh new copy of VISTA ULTIMATE and FSX. When using FSX
    it has been crashing lately and the DEP (DATA EXECUTION PROTECTION is being
    activated). When I visit the VISTA CONTROL PANEL for DEP it does not allow me
    to add FSX to the safe list. Sometimes I even get the BSOD and my computer
    reboots. I have no third party applications installed. Here is the error from
    VISTA reporting utility.

    After this happened it takes about 5 minutes for VISTA to boot and my screen
    stays black for this period of time. I just hear the hard drive caching.

    Microsoft Flight Simulator®

    Stopped working

    5/3/2007 4:57 PM

    Report Sent

    Problem signature
    Problem Event Name: BEX
    Application Name: fsx.exe
    Application Version: 10.0.60905.0
    Application Timestamp: 44fd0a92
    Fault Module Name: StackHash_cebf
    Fault Module Version:
    Fault Module Timestamp: 00000000
    Exception Offset: 0c69e000
    Exception Code: c0000005
    Exception Data: 00000008
    OS Version: 6.0.6000.
    Locale ID: 1033
    Additional Information 1: cebf
    Additional Information 2: a2d8f70406b1dc588d67f49157436f3f
    Additional Information 3: d75b
    Additional Information 4: 605db4bbae3182e500cb2af41e941bc2

    Extra information about the problem
    Bucket ID: 36309056
    Abe, May 4, 2007
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