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Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by Frater0, Oct 12, 2007.

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    Frater0 Guest

    3 months ago my cable provider changed its lineup.. Comcast in zip 33510.. I
    notified Zap2it 2 times a week for three months.. Still no change.. We should
    be allowed to designate our own epg source or have multiple choices.. as
    Zap2it is unrespnsive to changes.. and devaluates your product.

    This post is a suggestion for Microsoft, and Microsoft responds to the
    suggestions with the most votes. To vote for this suggestion, click the "I
    Agree" button in the message pane. If you do not see the button, follow this
    link to open the suggestion in the Microsoft Web-based Newsreader and then
    click "I Agree" in the message pane.
    Frater0, Oct 12, 2007
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  2. 06/08/2008
    Went to:
    Zap2it to report some errors, but Zap2it has stopped taking E-mail.

    Went to:
    (Nice, but a Microsoft link is dead)
    I took the time to fill out the questions and hit <ENTER> and it was DEAD!
    plus no ware to report a DEAD micro$oft link. I Google the link URL and found
    out it been reported DEAD for over 3 years, Nice!

    I am about to file a FCC, Form 485, Formal Complaint Intake Form

    Notes from the DEAD Link from Micro$oft site: and my notes I typed in
    04/30/2008 trying to report a HDTV EPG to Zip2it using the Micro$oft tools to
    do same.
    Fargo, ND and Moorhead 56560, MN HDTV markets.

    Windows XP Media Center Edition Electronic Program Guide Issue Submission Form

    The Windows XP Media Center Edition Electronic Program Guide (EPG) issue
    submission form provides you with a quick and easy way to report EPG issues
    associated with Media Center. Microsoft collects this information in order to
    take appropriate corrective action and improve the support for the EPG used
    with Windows XP Media Center Edition.

    When you submit a form, Windows error reporting gathers information about
    the current EPG configuration from your Media Center PC and sends this
    information with your completed issue submission form to Microsoft. Issue
    reporting is anonymous, and Microsoft will not reply to your issue directly.
    If the issue you are experiencing is covered in an existing Knowledge Base
    article, your browser will be redirected to that article. Microsoft reviews
    all submissions and provides updates for additional device support through
    the Windows Update Web site and Knowledge Base articles. For product support
    issues, see the Windows XP Media Center Edition support page.

    To report an issue with your Electronic Program Guide
    Using your Media Center PC, type or select the requested information in the
    fields below.

    Click Create Report. The Electronic Program Guide dialog box appears.
    In the Electronic Program Guide dialog box, click Send Error Report.
    NOTE: You may be prompted for additional information if necessary. If
    further information is available about the issue, a link will appear in
    another dialog box.

    Date and Time of incorrect listing as listed in the guide:
    1061 WDAY-DT Guide data OK
    1061 WDAY-DT HD Channal Frq is wrong Black screen of death
    1062 WDAY-DT Guide data Wrong! All days, All times.
    1062 WDAY-DT HD Channal Frq is wrong Black screen of death
    1063 WDAY-DT Guide data Wrong! All days, All times.
    1063 WDAY-DT HD Channal Frq is wrong Black screen of death
    1131 KMFE-DT Guide data OK
    1132 KMFE-DT Guide data Wrong! All days, All times
    1133 KMFE-DT Guide data Wrong! All days, All times

    Network call sign and channel number:
    1061 WDAY-DT
    1062 WDAY-DT
    1063 WDAY-DT
    1131 KMFE-DT
    1132 KMFE-DT
    1133 KMFE-DT

    What type of information did you see?
    1061 WDAY-DT (Black screen of death) No HDTV
    1062 WDAY-DT (Black screen of death) No HDTV
    1063 WDAY-DT (Black screen of death) No HDTV
    1062 WDAY-DT has the Ch. guide from 1061 WDAY-DT
    1063 WDAY-DT has the Ch. guide from 1061 WDAY-DT
    1132 KMFE-DT has the Ch. guide from 1131 KMFE-DT
    1133 KMFE-DT has the Ch. guide from 1131 KMFE-DT

    What type of information was actually displayed?
    1061 WDAY-DT (Black screen of death) No HDTV
    1062 WDAY-DT (Black screen of death) No HDTV
    1063 WDAY-DT (Black screen of death) No HDTV
    1062 WDAY-DT has the Ch. guide from 1061 WDAY-DT
    1063 WDAY-DT has the Ch. guide from 1061 WDAY-DT
    1132 KMFE-DT has the Ch. guide from 1131 KMFE-DT
    1133 KMFE-DT has the Ch. guide from 1131 KMFE-DT

    Posted 5/2/2008

    Today 06/08/2008
    1151 KVRR-DT only sound (Digital Audio Service (Blue Screen))

    AC Associated Content, By The Judge, published Feb 06, 2008 (1)
    "FCC Creates Program Guide Rule for Broadcasters: Why Your Guide Doesn't
    Always Match What's on the Air​ide_rule_for.html

    {("Have you ever noticed that sometimes the program guide on your digital
    television doesn't always match what is actually on the air?

    If you are a Tivo or DVR owner, you may have seen a guide description that
    says "DTV Programming" without any information as to that programming was. Or
    worse, you may have scheduled a recording of one show, but it recorded
    something entirely different.

    According to a recent article in broadcasting industry magazine TV
    Technology, a new rule by the FCC hopes to correct this problem so that
    people can have their favorite programs recorded the way they expected them.

    I've personally noticed this problem when trying to watch The Amazing Race
    this season. Sometimes, (quite a lot, actually) the NFL game that was on
    before the show would run long and The Amazing Race wouldn't actually start
    on time - sometimes the start would begin up to 30 minutes after it was
    scheduled, which meant that I had to fast forward through a show I didn't
    want to watch, just to get to the start of the program. Then, unless I
    planned for it, the recording would end long before the program had finished.
    Tivo users try to get around that by setting up recording options where they
    shift the record time to several minutes past its scheduled time. However,
    this process is a gamble as you never really know if you are going to record
    the entire episode.

    The reason this happens has to do with the electronic program guide (EPG -
    in TV speak) on the digital television signal. Broadcasters like DIRECTV get
    the information for their guide from services like Tribune Media Services,
    which provide not only the title, description of the show and the scheduled
    time of the program, but also key "meta data" such as V-chip ratings, that
    tells the television when and when not to allow a program to be viewed based
    on its rating. The information for the program guide is sent to the content
    distributor sometimes a week or more in advance. The data is then combined
    with the broadcast video and sent over the fiber (or cable, satellite,
    whatever) to the home.

    However, If the network decides to change its programming - such as when a
    football game runs long or when a particular episode of a program has to be
    removed from the schedule because an operator spills his bottle of
    overly-cafienated soda on the tape an hour before its supposed to air (just
    an example, not taken from actual experience or anything) the result is that
    there is no way to change the program information in the guide. The result
    for the consumer is a recording of something they weren't expecting, or no
    recording at all.

    To fix this problem, a new rule has been adopted by the FCC. The Advanced
    Television Systems Committee is an organization founded in 1982 and charged
    with the responsibility of developing the technical standards for digital
    television. These new ATSC standards will replace the older National
    Television Systems Committee (NTSC) standards that have been in place for
    television signals since 1940. The adoption of the new standards are a key
    component of the DTV Transition, scheduled to take place February 17, 2009.

    The new ATSC rule, known as the "Program and System Information Protocol,"
    (PSIP) states that should there be any change to a program's scheduled time,
    broadcasters whill be required to modify the EPG to reflect the change. To
    accomplish this, all information used to generate the program guides will
    have to be combined together to allow the updated information to be sent out
    at the time the program airs. This new rule is set to go into effect in May.

    If the distributors of multiple television signals manage to follow the new
    PSIP protocol correctly, it should make it easier for Tivo and other DVR
    users to catch their shows the way they expect. ")} (1)

    Posted 5/4/2008

    Just to vent:
    How do I Report the Pinnacle HDTV PCI 800i to Microsoft to pull its digital
    signer/compatibility WMC

    It looks to me as if Pinnacle is dumping there problems off on Microsoft!

    Cut/Pasts from Pinnacle Systems

    Problems with Windows Media Center

    Since the Windows Media Center is developed by Microsoft, you need to
    contact the Microsoft Support if you got problems using the Windows Media
    Center. If you bought a Pinnacle product like the Vista Tuner Kit, please
    keep in mind that only the hardware (the TV card or TV stick) is supported by
    Pinnacle. Generally, if you don't use Pinnacle software like the TVCenter pro
    with your hardware and you got problems with your software, you need to
    contact the manufacturer of this software to get support.

    If you are using Windows Media Center, here are a few links to get started
    with Microsoft Support:

    End of Vent

    So, If someone could answer
    1. How do EU's report errors to Zap2it or (Microsoft without the 59.00 tect
    call fee?)
    2. How do EU's change EPG to others?

    Thanks to all for any help ;-}
    Low_Voltage_RxTx, Jun 9, 2008
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