Vista Network Problem / Sharing / Computers not Showing on Network

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Networking' started by cyb3rb0y_gr, Feb 10, 2007.

  1. cyb3rb0y_gr

    cyb3rb0y_gr Guest


    I've recently bought Windows Vista Ultimate but after installtion I've
    some very very nasty network problems. Well my network configuarion is as

    3 Pc's Running Win XP Pro SP2 ( one of them is laptop )
    1 Pc Running Windows Server 03 R2 ( with all updates )
    1 Pc Running Win Vista Ultimate 32bit ( will all updates and WHQL Drivers )
    Cisco Router 876w (latest rev)

    Now for the problem, when I installed Windows Vista I could not see any pc
    except mine in the network map. After I browsed throught the newsgroups I
    found the LLTD solutions which I tried to apply immidiatly with no luck... (
    I installed LLTD update to the pc's that didn't have it already ). Well after
    trying that I am posting here to seek help! Please note that I can't ping 1
    computer in the same workgroup-network which I could prior to my upgrade to
    Windows Vista. Still sometimes I can ping it and rarely I can see these 3
    pc's in my network map but without beeing able to access any network
    resources on them (such as shared files or printers). When I double click
    them the Explorer gives me a 0x80070035 error. Anyway an exception is the
    laptop whichrun the excact same network configuration that all the other
    computers have, but the main difference is that while I am not able to see it
    in my network map I can ping it and I can access it if I type \\<laptop-name>\

    I've run out of ideas...

    P.S. No firewalls are present while I am testing this... so it has nothing
    to do with blocks stuff etc...

    Please help!
    cyb3rb0y_gr, Feb 10, 2007
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  2. cyb3rb0y_gr

    pewe Guest

    I have a similar problem.

    When I first installed Vista I could see my XP PC and browse it, and I could
    see the Vista PC from the XP one and browse it (although I had to enter the
    Vista Admin password first.

    Suddenly on re-boot this morning I cannot see the XP PC in Vista 'Network'
    (but it appears in the Map), and although I can see the Vista one in XP it
    will not allow me to connect.

    I checked all the settings and they are as the MS help file suggests.

    Can anyone explain how MS have set up this obscurely problematic networking
    and what the problem might be?

    (I can't imagine how the average home user is going to wade through the
    complexities of Vista networking for their multiple PC home network).
    pewe, Feb 10, 2007
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  3. cyb3rb0y_gr

    jdaggar Guest

    I have same problem. Trying to add a Vista Home Premium laptop to an
    existing networ that has an xp home laptop and I can sometimes see
    icons for each on each, but the dirves are inaccessible. With the XP
    box I can click the Vista laptop icon and see the c drive but can go
    no further. On the vista box I sometimes can see the xp box but
    cannot even get to the point of seeing the drives on the XP box.
    jdaggar, Feb 10, 2007
  4. cyb3rb0y_gr

    pewe Guest

    On Forums all over the net there are people with similar problems, but the
    only responses from MS are to point them at really obscure technical data or

    Geesh - this will certainly put off a lot of the home user market.
    pewe, Feb 10, 2007
  5. cyb3rb0y_gr

    cyb3rb0y_gr Guest

    Micrsoft...with all the respect that I have...I've payed a LOT of bucks to
    get that Vista OS of yours... please try and be reasonable and help me find
    my missing computers..... Please!
    cyb3rb0y_gr, Feb 10, 2007
  6. cyb3rb0y_gr

    Taylor Guest

    I have a similar problem. I have 3 PC's on my wireless network:
    - Desktop running Vista
    - Desktop running XP Home Edition
    - Laptop running XP Professional

    I can't see any PC on my wireless home network. I can see the wireless
    print server and the router. From the Desktop running XP I can see the Vista
    PC in My Network Places, but I can't browse it. I get the error message that
    I may not have resource permissions, and the file path cannot be found. I
    have set up file sharing on the Vista PC and those shared files show up on
    the Network map of the Vista PC. I have disabled the personal firewalls on
    both machines to test the file sharing. Ihave also tried to ping the Vista
    PC from the XP Desktop by its name and by its IP address. Neither were
    Taylor, Apr 5, 2007
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