Vista not finding other computers / workgroups

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Networking' started by bulldog, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. bulldog

    bulldog Guest

    ok, so I will admit I am not a genius but I am pretty good at computers so
    don't hold back

    we have two vista machines trying to connect to one xp machines "my
    documents' (sharing is enabled on all) I have set the workgroup name to
    HOME-TARA on all pc's and the routers wireless name is this (is this causing
    a problem? didn't work if I changed it though).

    however at one point it found them then after a restart it disappeared.

    another problem is that the workgroup name wont stay changed from WORKGROUP
    to HOME-TARA or anything else it says "windows needs restarting in order to
    apply your settings etc" so I click ok it restarts then it has renamed it
    self back to HOME-TARA no matter what (unless I don't restart)

    last and final thing when they were viewing each other it asked for a
    password to connect to it? none of the machines had/have a password on them
    ever except the 128 WEP and the wireless

    if anyone knows how to sort this PLEASE tell me ... beacuse you are
    obviously better at computing than me! :D

    Thank You in advance

    bulldog - thomas
    bulldog, Sep 3, 2007
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  2. bulldog

    bulldog Guest

    ok so they are seeing each other but the home premium one cannot find anyone
    (all the others can see it and can connect to another computer except from
    this one) is it a home premium issue do i need ultimate?

    summery to make it easier READ THIS INSTEAD REALLY

    xp machine can see and connect to:
    and A vista
    ultimate machine
    also it can
    see a vista home premium machine but not connect to it ( error code
    0x80070035 )

    Vista ultimate machine:
    and A xp machine
    also it can
    see a vista home premium machine but not connect to it ( error code
    0x80070035 )

    home premium vista machine: CANT SEE ANYONE EXCEPT IT SELF

    any ideas ( is it because of home premium)
    bulldog, Sep 3, 2007
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  3. If you have insured that network discovery is turned on .On the Pc running
    Vista , then check the workgroup names on the PC's running Xp. By default
    the Xp machine's have the workgroup named "MSHOME" while Vista call's the
    workgroup "WORKGROUP" If you change the name of the PC's running XP to the
    worgroup name "WORGROUP" the PC's will see each other. System Properties >
    Computer name > Change .
    David Lalonde, Sep 5, 2007
  4. bulldog

    Chuck [MVP] Guest


    The SSID on the WiFi router is there to identify the WiFi network, in the WiFi
    Available Connections list. It has nothing to do with workgroup, which is a
    Windows Networking concept.

    When you try to change workgroup, and "the workgroup name wont stay changed", is
    this a problem on the Vista, or the XP, computer?

    Is the XP computer running XP Home, or Pro? If Pro, is it using Guest, or
    non-Guest network authentication? Make the Vista computers match this, for best

    Chuck, MS-MVP 2005-2007 [Windows - Networking]
    Paranoia is not a problem, when it's a normal response from experience.
    My email is AT DOT
    actual address pchuck mvps org.
    Chuck [MVP], Sep 5, 2007
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