Vista os says it's connected to internet, but it's not?

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by pv2al1290, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. pv2al1290

    pv2al1290 Guest

    I got a virus on my computer and now nothing will connect to th
    internet. I've ran multiple virus scanners and have gotten everythin
    off, but web browsers, p2p programs and even games which need interne
    access can't access the internet, yet the computer says it's connected
    Windows updates still happen. I've tried system restore and I've eve
    tried using a repair disc. Neither help. Is there anyone who can tell m
    why a computer says it's connected, but web browsers won't load the pag
    or say that the internet isn't connected?

    Any and all help or suggestions are welcomed. Please help solve thi
    pv2al1290, Feb 2, 2011
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  2. What virus is it?

    How do you know you have (had?) it?

    What anti-virus programs did you run?

    How do you know? What you say below indicates that you almost
    certainly are still infected.

    And you say you got "everything" off. That makes it sound like you had
    multiple infections. Did you? If so, please tell us the names of
    *everything* you were infected with.

    Please answer all the above questions.
    Ken Blake, MVP, Feb 2, 2011
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  3. pv2al1290

    Nil Guest

    Check Control Panel | Internet Options | Connections | LAN Settings to
    see if it's set up to use a proxy server. In most cases there should be
    no proxy server indicated, although I think some anti-virus programs
    may use the technique.

    A common practice for malware is to set itself up as a proxy server and
    filter all your network traffic through itself in order to redirect it
    to malicious sites or to steal your personal information.
    Nil, Feb 2, 2011
  4. pv2al1290

    pv2al1290 Guest

    I ran Avast, Adaware, Windows Defender, Spybot S&D, Norton, and a coupl
    others I don't remember. Oh! and MalWareBytes. Idk what virus it was
    but whatever it was, I remember it had a trojan accompaning it. Sam
    names. Since it screw up my connections, normally beyond my level o
    repair, I couldn't download updates for these programs to update with.
    do believe I had multiple infections, some of which that may have cause
    my HDD to get a bad sector, because that prevented me from doing
    system restore. I had another person look at the computer and the
    recovered the bad sectors as well as use some of the Anti-malwar
    programs I listed. I mean by everything off as in that all those anti
    programs said that my computer was secured. I understand that as the
    were out-dated that I shouldn't have taken that as I did. I did check t
    see if the proxy settings had been changed as this is something tha
    I've dealt with before, but that wasn't the problem either

    So upon further searching and extensive reading, I have found th
    solution! The secret did in lie upon the TCP/IP settings, just not th
    way I thought. If all connections seem to be fine, but no applicatio
    initiated by the user connects to the internet, then reset th
    WinSock... Here's where I found my solution

    "Again, with a corrupt TCP/IP stack, the same woes may happen &#8211
    unable to establish a connection to the server, unable to load a we
    page, unable to browse and surf the Internet, even though networ
    connection to broadband router or wireless router appear to be OK

    When all means run out, try to reinstall the IP stack with NetShel
    utility. NetShell utility (netsh) is a command-line scripting interfac
    for the configuring and monitoring of Windows XP, 2003 and Vist
    networking service. "

    I only had to do the first, but if it isn't enough for someone else,
    then it's recommended to manually reinstall the TCP/IP stack, somethin
    which can't be uninstalled, but can be reinstalled and/or changed. I'l
    be back on if anyone has any questions with a similar problem
    pv2al1290, Feb 3, 2011
  5. pv2al1290

    Ann Watson Guest

    For future reference, "SuperAntiSpyware" has a portable version
    that can be updated/run from a flash drive. Handy when you
    already know a computer is infected (handier if you have a
    non-infected computer to update it on).
    Ann Watson, Feb 3, 2011
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