Vista/Outlook/Mobile Sync "Outlook has not been configured."

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by Mike, Jun 20, 2006.

  1. Mike

    Mike Guest

    I have seen a few posts in both the Windows Discussion Groups and in other
    places, but so far haven't been able to find anything resembling an actual
    solution. So I'm going to describe the problem I know a number of people are
    having, and hopefully get an actual solution if there is one.

    I'm running Windows Vista Beta 2 for CPP (5384.)
    I'm also running Office 2007 Beta, specific to the problem, Outlook 2007
    I have a Windows Smartphone running Windows Mobile 2003.

    Previously, when setting up the phone on a new computer or for the first
    time, after installing ActiveSync, I can choose what to synchronize
    (Contacts, Calendar, E-mail) and whenever I plug the phone in via USB it
    sync's the information between Outlook (2003) and my phone. When I had
    Outlook 2007 Beta running in XP, it worked the same way.

    In Vista, it doesn't work at all. My phone is detected, and from the get go
    I could sync files and media, and explore the device, but there was no option
    for sync'ing with Outlook.

    After the recent update to the Windows Mobile Device Center, it looks as
    though everything is in place, and when I plug my phone in, it asks me to
    delete the other partnerships (which I did) and then what I would like to
    sync with Outlook.

    And this is where the problem occurs:

    I can't check any of the boxes (Contacts, Calendar, E-mail) because it says
    below them "Outlook has not been configured."

    But it has been configured. I'm using e-mail, contacts and calendar in 2007
    in the exact same way as I was in 2003 on XP and 2007 on XP. I looked through
    almost every setting, and searched numerous message boards, and haven't found
    the answer.

    What is more strange is that some people seem to have no problem
    synchronizing their mobile with this same setup, while others like myself

    So what is the deal?

    Is there something that I and others with this problem simply have to do in

    Is it just an unfinished part of WMDC that will be updated soon?

    Is it a problem in the Outlook beta?

    Any sort of help would be appreciated, even if it is just a confirmation
    that it is a bug that will be addressed, because then I'll stop trying to
    make it work.

    Mike, Jun 20, 2006
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  2. Mike

    Gary Mount Guest

    I think it works with Windows Mobile 5.0 devices only at the current time.
    Gary Mount, Jun 21, 2006
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  3. Mike

    Scott Guest

    I wrote about this issue the first day the Update came out. I have been
    checking many forums and different sites and many people are reporting same
    problem. It is not the WM5 issue. I have read post from some that it works
    perfect with WM5, 2003SE and Outlook 2003 and Beta 2007. So, I don't think
    anyone including MS knows what is causing this issue. I would say from what
    I have read here and on Aximsite its a 50/50 thing whether it works for them
    or not. Hopefully someone will figure it out.
    Scott, Jun 23, 2006
  4. Mike

    Mike Guest

    Anyone have any luck with this yet?

    Mike, Jun 26, 2006
  5. Mike

    Tom Scales Guest

    It does work for me with my Axim 51v. Don't know why!
    Tom Scales, Jun 26, 2006
  6. What OS on your Axim?
    What Office version?
    Can you sync to Outlook, or are you only syncing to Exchange?
    Nativecolorado, Jun 27, 2006
  7. Mike

    Gerhard Guest

    What OS do you have on your Axim51v?

    I have an Axim30 (windows mobile 2003SE) and would like to sync it with a
    vista(tm) pre-rc1 build 5536, but don't know how to do it.

    Where do I get wmdc?

    Somebody said at control panel/additional options. It is not there, only
    logitech camera control.

    Thanks in advance, Gerhard
    Gerhard, Sep 1, 2006
  8. Mike

    tidaking Guest

    Hi, I joined the forum specifically for this problem and this is my
    first post. I'm just going to spare you all the introductory bs and get
    down to my concerns. And I didn't bother reading past the first page of
    this thread even though it is apparently like four years old and a
    solution has probably already been found. Forgive me, but I'm really
    frustrated because I'm pretty good with computers and I've been at a
    standstill trying to fix this for about 5 hours now.

    I'm running Windows Vista Home Edition 32-Bit on my notebook.
    I have Microsoft Office 2007 including Outlook.
    My phone is a Samsung I-760 (Carried by Verizon) Running Windows Mobile
    6.1 Professional.

    The problem I'm having is the same as described for most of the thread,
    Device Center will not let me backup my contacts because "Outlook not
    configured". I screwed around with outlook, I screwed around with my
    phone, I screwed around with WDC and hours later I haven't accomplished
    a damn thing.

    I can't update my phone for because I have no phone internet and am not
    paying Verizon a boatload to back up my contacts.
    Am I missing some ridiculous solution to Microsoft's conflicting OS's?
    Is there a patch or something free I can download for my PC or something
    to help?
    tidaking, Mar 31, 2010
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