Vista: Photo Wizard Gone? What were you thinking??

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Music, Pictures and Video' started by Brian, Oct 27, 2007.

  1. Brian

    Brian Guest

    It seems when ever Microsoft does an "improvement" or an "enhancement" we
    always seem to lose features and options that once existed. Yet again
    Microsoft if all their wizdom seems to have removed the choices and simplicty
    that was the Photo Wizard feature in XP.

    I first rellized I have a problem when I connected my Canon 630 Powershot
    and after the computer recognized and installed the drivers, nothing else
    happened. I tried to re-conect / plug the USB back in to see if Photo Wizard
    would wake up and offer to down load my photo's but alas...nothing. Stupid
    as is seemed, I had to go into "My Computer" and find the camera connection,
    then click on the USB port, search and open various files until I found my
    photos on the camera, then copy and paste the photos into a folder in my
    Pictures file. Then I had to go back and delete the photos off my camera.

    Well, that dosn't strike me as an "enhanced feature" does it? Now the first
    time I connceted the camera, I got this Gallery import that didn't allow me
    to select a folder, it just darn well imported to where it wanted. I had no
    choice. For some reason I couldn't even get the computer to recongize that
    there was any camer or photos to load.

    So I did some research on line to discover that there is no Photo Wizard
    feature. Just this battempt at an improvement called Windows Gallery. But I
    seem to have no choice as to how or where I can down load, you just throw ALL
    the pics into one huge Gallery, and I have to go and separate them as I need
    to by event or whatever. I hate this improvment. I hate the fact that I
    have no choice, and no flexibility to decide what I download, and where I can
    load it to.

    Also, if I want to save a photo somewhere I can't do a "Save As", I have to
    go to "Make a Copy" ...sure, confuse us a bit further...the new speak in
    Vista..."Save as" is so 1990, like totaly, I'm so sure. Grumble,

    So A) why is my camera not recognized when I plug it in, and B) why on earth
    do I not have the option and flexibility to download from my camera what and
    to where I want to save my photos, as I deem in the categories or folders of
    my creation?
    Brian, Oct 27, 2007
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  2. Brian

    Greg Guest

    Buy Adobe Album instead. It works. And it doesn't corrupt data like Photo
    Gallery does when downloading from some cameras. For example, it strips the
    panorama markers from my Olympus jpg files and overwrites them with its own
    information about where it stored them! I never use Photo Gallery for
    anything anymore.

    I agree totally with your comments on this disimprovement over Photo Wizard
    in XP and taking away our choices. Big Brother knows what's best for us.
    Greg, Nov 10, 2007
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  3. Brian

    Brian Guest

    Thanks Greg. I will look into Adobe Photo Gallery. This is a big mess that
    Microsoft has created. Pretty stupid on their part. Cheers!
    Brian, Nov 21, 2007
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