Vista PMC compared to XP PMC

Discussion in 'Windows Media Center' started by marnix_moed, Mar 6, 2007.

  1. marnix_moed

    marnix_moed Guest


    In the past there have been Windows XP media centre laptops that have had
    extra options integrated, compared to "regular" Windows XP laptops. Like a
    co-axial connection for TV signals.

    I have read that with Vista premium the media centre function is already
    integrated. Many laptops have Vista premium now. But does this means they
    also have co-axial connection?

    I want to buy a Vista laptop for recording TV shows (for private review, as
    videotapes are clumsy to use). What computer would be best to buy?

    marnix_moed, Mar 6, 2007
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  2. Laptops may come with Media Center or Vista, but to enable TV, you'll need
    to also purchase a TV Tuner. On desktops, they are generally internal cards,
    but for laptops they're mostly USB external tuners. Hauppauge makes one, as
    does Avermedia.

    As to which laptop, well, the field is wide open. I'd caution against Sony's
    because they tend to be as non-standard as they can get away with. Other
    than that, you need to think about things. What size display do you want?
    17" is common in Media Center laptops, but that's way large if you're going
    to carry it around (to work, school, etc). I have a 15" that's OK but after
    carrying it around Europe for two weeks, I definitely wanted a smaller one.
    I currently have my heart set on a Toshiba S5067, which has a Core 2 Duo
    2Ghz CPU, 2Gb RAM, 160Gb disk, DVD burner, and a 12" 1280x800 display, for
    $1600. I've decided that 12" is the smallest usable display and the form
    factor works good for the keyboard too. And at 4 pounds its about half the
    weight of my 15" laptop.

    At a minimum, to run Vista Home Premium, I'd suggest at least a 1.5Ghz
    dual-core CPU with 1Gb of RAM. The latest Intel graphics chip does OK on
    Media Center and Vista, or some laptops have built-in ATI or nVidia
    graphics - make sure you can allocate at least 128Mb of the RAM to the
    display adapter. Oh, and if you want to output to a TV, most laptops have a
    VGA output and an sVideo output - I haven't seen any with DVI or HDMI.

    Dana Cline - MCE MVP
    Dana Cline - MVP, Mar 6, 2007
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  3. marnix_moed

    AllanF Guest

    A.f.a.i.k every retail DeskTop and LapTop that shipped with XP Media Center
    Edition was required by M$ to include an integrated TV Tuner, Remote
    Control, and IR Hardware.

    This requirement has been dropped for Media Center under Vista. So,
    unsuspecting consumers are finding that they need to run out and buy more
    hardware to achieve full functionality of their Operating System.
    AllanF, Mar 7, 2007
  4. marnix_moed

    Noozer Guest

    MCE 2005 also had the tuner requirement removed. Not sure about 2004.
    Noozer, Mar 7, 2007
  5. marnix_moed

    Jason Tsang Guest

    Jason Tsang, Mar 7, 2007
  6. marnix_moed

    AllanF Guest

    Hi Jason,

    Do you have a source for the hardware requirements for a Media center PC?
    AllanF, Mar 7, 2007
  7. Actually that requirement was dropped with MCE 2005, and a number of
    purchasers were surprised...

    Dana Cline - MCE MVP
    Dana Cline - MVP, Mar 7, 2007
  8. marnix_moed

    marnix_moed Guest

    Thank you all for replying.

    MS has removed a lot of requirements for (P)MC's, does anyone know some
    laptop models which have most of the formal still integrated?

    I am (a bit) aware of the external possibilities, but I prefer to have it
    all build into one machine. So if I carry it away, I don't have to move the
    externals along. For me, the laptop does not needs to be very compact. It's
    more like a desktop replacer, but occasionally I want to take it along with

    marnix_moed, Mar 7, 2007
  9. I've never seen a laptop with a built-in tuner. Only USB and I seem to
    remember one PC-Card version. If it were me, I'd buy the tuner separately so
    I can make sure I get a good tuner <g>.

    Dana Cline - MCE MVP
    Dana Cline - MVP, Mar 7, 2007
  10. marnix_moed

    AllanF Guest

    A Toshiba Qosmio might fit the bill... mine is a G20, which has a built in
    TV Tuner (comes with a little adapter for co-ax). Some models in the series
    had built-in Digital Tuners... mine didn't, so I have a USB Tuner as well.
    The new G30-series looks very similar... I believe it includes an HD-DVD
    Drive and other enhancements.

    The two Asuses listed on Windows MarketPlace as currently the only "Media
    Center Notebooks" also have built-in tuners, but this may depend on your
    AllanF, Mar 7, 2007
  11. marnix_moed

    marnix_moed Guest

    I have seen PMC's with build in TV tuner as well. But I haven't seen one with
    a digital tuner.

    How do you people feel about the HP PMC's? Do they give value for money? I
    have seen a cool and handy feature from HP: their remote control, which fits
    in the PCMCIA slot. As I want to use my new laptop as a media device (besides
    internet, study projects, etc.) I would like to have a remote control for the
    laptop. Anyone experience with these (or other) remote controls for (HP)

    marnix_moed, Mar 8, 2007
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