Vista printer drivers for HP DeskJet 5550

Discussion in 'Server Setup' started by Tim B., Mar 6, 2007.

  1. Tim B.

    Tim B. Guest

    I'm very much a newbie with W2K3 server. I just upgraded one of the machines
    on my network to Windows Vista and now I can not get that workstation to
    recognize the printers attached to my W2K3 server. It keeps on telling me
    that the server does not have the right driver.

    I have two questions on how to fix this problem. First off what it the
    procedure for putting a Vista print driver on the server so that the client
    can print?

    Second, how do I load a driver that's bundled with Vista onto the server? (I
    can't find a Vista download for my DeskJet 5550 on the HP site. It just says
    that it's included in Vista.)

    Thanks in advance!
    Tim B., Mar 6, 2007
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