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Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by kplumm, Feb 10, 2008.

  1. kplumm

    kplumm Guest

    I bought an Advent 9115 laptop last week, with 2g of Ram, a 1.4 ghz
    dual core processor, running Vista. This seems to be PC world's 'own
    brand', possibly formerly known as E- Systems, though I got it from
    their partners Currys. I know that Vista has been complained about
    and I would like some peace of mind regarding problems I've had with
    my laptop. My dad bought the same one just before me, which he has
    broadband for now. 25 updates were installed, and I'm wondering how
    much of that has been fixes I'd benefit from. I'm not able to get
    broadband for now, but a tech guy gave me adescription I don't quite
    trust about how I could link mine to my dad's to use the broadband,
    putting an ADSL cable between our laptops and using a USB conneection
    instead to connect his laptop to the (Talk Talk) modem.

    The worst problem has been when trying to write DVDs using Windows DVD
    Writer. The program has crashed, or the dvd (both +r and -r) has had
    to be thrown away, for example because audio set to play during the
    menus is scratchy sounding and drops out. I am concerned that if I
    try and make the Recovery disks I'm prompted to, they will not work
    after hours of making them. (Generally how long should these Recovery
    DVDs take ot make? And is there any reason why The Tech Guys specify

    After playing some DVDs Media Center - even if I'd not used it to play
    them - goes a bit funny, the sound is scratchy and drops out, as if
    DMA has been meddled with. Restarting sorts this out, but it's a

    The only software I've added is drivers for my mobile phone; Kristal
    (a recording studio package that seems to work fine as it had on my XP
    machine), and Wellphone, some more mobilke phone software for saving
    SIM card stuff and sending txts typed from my laptops keyboard; and
    AverTV software amended to work with Vista. This is for a Digital TV
    box I'd used with my XP machine; I downloaded the Vista version, as
    the XP software did not work.

    I have done a System Restore - already! - to get things back ot how
    they were, and currently things are fine, though I left my house
    earlier in the middle of burning a DVD, as it's a bit long-winded,
    even for 13 short WMV files - a total of around 20 minutes footage -
    being made into a DVD.

    I took the spec stickers off the laptop as I'd kept rubbing them
    thinking, out of the corner fo my eye, that they were the touchpad, so
    I'm anticipating the Currys staff quibbling about this if i have ot
    take it back.

    I suupose the firts thing to try is burn a DVD on my dad's machine.
    I've also set DVD Writer to burn at a 'medium' speed rather than
    'Fastest', which is annoying.

    I have used some slightly scratched DVDs, they play fine but I don't
    know if they're causing problems.

    I'd like ot confidently know the problems not a physical fault before
    i take it back.

    Thanks for any help.
    kplumm, Feb 10, 2008
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  2. kplumm

    Holz Guest

    wipe it out and install Linux. Everything works out of the box.
    who's your daddy now, ha?
    Holz, Feb 11, 2008
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