Vista released: PC sales drop? Dealers blamed!

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by MicroFox, Nov 24, 2006.

  1. MicroFox

    MicroFox Guest

    Vista released: PC sales drop? Dealers blamed!

    Posted by: EViLOPTiC on Saturday, November 18, 2006 - 06:05 PM 33 Reads
    "I'm not buying a new PC, not yet," said the angry NewsWireless reader. "I
    need a new computer, and I found one online - but it comes with Windows
    Vista! I don't want that!"

    Sadly, it seem that in their enthusiasm to be seen to be as far up on
    Microsoft's beautiful unique marketing as possible, several online PC stores
    have been advertising "With Windows Vista!" for their computers.

    This is, to put it gently, an exaggeration.

    Yes, Vista is available (well, it has been released to manufacture) and yes,
    MSDN subscribers are jamming its servers in an attempt to download a copy.
    And yes, corporate subscribers are allowed to get early access. But no, you
    can't go into a store and buy one, despite what it says on the adverts.

    "Consumers," said Robert Epstein, in charge of Vista marketing in the UK,
    "won't get it till January 30. That's flat."

    What these PC dealers are actually offering, he told NewsWireless, is an
    Express Upgrade "which is a disc which will be sent to the purchaser in
    February when it is released, with which they can upgrade their PC from
    Windows XP to Windows Vista."

    Epstein says he really, really wants customers who see adverts which don't
    make this clear reported to him. We can help there: report it to
    NewsWireless, and we'll pass it on to someone senior, not just a clerk who
    will click the counter.

    And what if you don't want Vista? Suppose you buy a computer in March next
    year, and still aren't impressed?

    "We'll be selling Windows XP as a royalty option for at least several months
    after Vista ships," Epstein assured us. "I don't know for sure whether that
    means for the whole of 2007, but I'll find out."

    So you can rush out and buy your new PC, safe in the assurance that you
    don't have to learn how to cope with the new Microsoft operating system. If
    you know how to change your display wallpaper, you won't have to re-learn.
    If you know how to refresh a Web page, that knowledge will stay valuable. If
    you've spent hours customising XP so it does what you want, you can carry

    And if you run a PC store selling Vista with new PCs, now would be a great
    time to go and change the shop window display from "With Vista!" to "Vista
    upgrade included in price when available" - or Mr Epstein will be letting
    you know of his displeasure.
    MicroFox, Nov 24, 2006
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  2. MicroFox

    Alias Guest

    Or a savvy user can buy a computer, set the BIOS to load the CDROM first
    and stick Ubuntu in there and wipe Vista off the drive. Or, better yet,
    buy a white box with no OS and install Ubuntu without worrying about
    viruses, malware, WGA, WPA, IPP and whatever nonsense MS dreams up to
    disenfranchise their users.

    Alias, Nov 24, 2006
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  3. MicroFox

    MicroFox Guest

    mandrake2007 is 100 times better than ubuntu...

    MicroFox, Nov 24, 2006
  4. MicroFox

    Alias Guest

    It's free?

    Alias, Nov 24, 2006
  5. MicroFox

    Mark Rae Guest

    You could always wait for Microsoft SuSE and, er, get the best of both

    I'll get me coat...
    Mark Rae, Nov 24, 2006
  6. MicroFox

    Kerry Brown Guest

    I notice you're not taking your own advice :)
    Kerry Brown, Nov 24, 2006
  7. MicroFox

    Quanta Guest

    Ubuntu is crap. Why start folklore about a good OS?
    Quanta, Nov 24, 2006
  8. If Mandrake 2007 is 100 times better than Ubuntu, the fact that Microfox is
    using OE6 (and XP presumably) to post messages here, suggests that Microfox
    considers OE and XP to be better than Mandrake 2007.. not looking good for
    Ubuntu at all, is it..
    Mike Hall - MS MVP Windows Shell/User, Nov 24, 2006
  9. MicroFox

    Guess Who Guest

    I'd LOVE to try it, but I have SATA 2 drives, and it will not install.
    Guess Who, Nov 24, 2006
  10. MicroFox

    Alias Guest

    I'm not in the market for a new computer and I haven't fully
    transitioned to Ubuntu yet. I'm not retired with time on my hands. I
    have a business to run and I am still using Windows to do it until I
    learn the ins and outs of Linux. Next week I have an operation. December
    is a very slow time for my business and I'll be able to learn Ubuntu
    while I am recuperating.

    Alias, Nov 24, 2006
  11. MicroFox

    Alias Guest

    I like it so far.
    What "folklore"?

    Alias, Nov 24, 2006
  12. MicroFox

    Jane C Guest

    Alias, I hope all goes well with the forthcoming operation and a speedy
    recovery ensues :)
    Jane C, Nov 24, 2006
  13. MicroFox

    Alias Guest

    Thank you.

    Alias, Nov 24, 2006
  14. MicroFox

    MicroFox Guest

    Sorry I ment to say Mandriva 2007

    there is mandriva 2007 free ( not a trial its true free software)
    See here

    There is also a paid version that has proprietary drivers and software that
    cannot go into the free edition and includes some bonusus as support etc.

    If you know a bit about installing drivers and software on linux you can
    make the free version into the same thing as the paid one... if you need it
    that is.

    For example the free edition does not include the real player, because has not
    opened up the source code to the public... although they do give it free,
    if its not open they cant put it into the free version for legal matters.
    But of course you can install it yourself!
    MicroFox, Nov 24, 2006
  15. MicroFox

    MicroFox Guest

    I use a multitude of operating systems and computers and programs.
    Most of the time in combination. I love computers, not one particular OS.
    I am versitile and have an open mind, and I am ready to
    ditch my old ways if I find new information. I suggest you do the same.

    I was comparing ubuntu and mandrake (now mandriva). Indeed,
    Mandriva is far better in my opinion at this time, because
    it has been around for very long and has solved most of the problems,
    and is far more user friendly than Ubuntu. This does not mean that
    ubuntu will not surpass mandriva... or even windows...
    If enough users start working with it, it will get better and better.

    I just stated that, because some people who try out linux,
    see the rank on distowatch that has ubuntu always as number one,
    and do not try out mandriva...

    As for Vista, I am seriously thinking about alternatives.... since I do not
    aggree with
    many things they are trying to do... XP was ok... even though it had this
    "activation". But for the OS
    (vista) to send in pings with various information to MS at unknown
    intervals... is scary!
    Big Brother tactics? And how many people will read the Eula and understand
    the implications?
    If one aggrees to the new vista EULA then this big brother tactic applies...

    I dont know about you, but I am a supporter of freedom. Microchips embeded
    in the skin, and frequent random information sending is a small step to give
    up freedom. In XP the activation was done once.. or even through the phone.
    But now on vista.. it will check without you knowing.
    Once you start saying this or that is ok, its not a big deal.. well you know
    the saying..
    you give a hand, they take an arm!

    MS logic> There is piracy... ok lets big brother them and because we didnt
    make an os for the last 5 years lets make Vista expensive to
    make up for the lost time.. and blame piracy for the increasing prices!

    No, you dont want piracy? Make vista cheaper than XP, and find other
    solutions to make money. The world is abundant and wealth can be obtained
    from Microsoft if they innovate. But it seems innovation for them is harder
    than being dumb. The best they can do is follow the leader with Zune (ipod)
    Xbox (PS2). They are trying to compete, not make a new market. Bad
    strategy... :)

    I also dont like the UI design of vista, and its performance is slow. In my
    opinion it does not have anything to offer more than XP, and I think it will
    be rejected
    by the masses and will not sell even a fraction of what MS was hoping for.
    You will see that I am totally correct.
    MicroFox, Nov 24, 2006
  16. MicroFox

    MicroFox Guest

    Kerry, migration of masses takes some time...

    You will see to your surprise in a few years that things have changed.
    Unless MS wizens up and changes their tactics...

    If they do I will support them 100%
    because I do like windows.. but I don't like vista.. although I may be
    forced to use it for
    customer support. I am trying to like it.. but man it stinks!

    It seems to me that things have changed a lot since their efforts to make
    or perhaps their dark side is showing more now?

    Vista reminds me of Windows Me. Same low quality....

    They still have a chance. They should change, and plan for the next OS,
    to be what XP was after Me*. They will lose a lot of money with vista,
    but they will survive for 2 more years until a new better os is created.
    If the next one is also bad.. you can say bye bye to Microsoft.

    * There is a significant difference here. Microsoft was saved by basing XP
    on windows 2000 that
    was very good. However there is no other product that they can base a better
    windows on...
    So they will have to get their act together if they want to survive in the
    2007- 2012 era.
    MicroFox, Nov 24, 2006
  17. MicroFox

    xfile Guest


    I still have two unopened CDs from Dell. 100% new and keep them for memory.

    Don't mention Me** or I will skip Vista for the rest of life.
    xfile, Nov 24, 2006
  18. MicroFox

    Alias Guest

    NT = Win95
    W2K = Win 98
    XP = Win 98SE
    Vista = Win Me

    Alias, Nov 24, 2006
  19. MicroFox

    Kerry Brown Guest

    I was having a bit of fun :)

    I hope your operation goes well and you have a speedy recovery. You will be
    missed here, but hopefully not for long. While I don't always agree with
    your point of view I appreciate your integrity.
    Kerry Brown, Nov 24, 2006
  20. MicroFox

    Kerry Brown Guest

    I agree that the only constant in the computer industry is that things
    change. In the past there have been massive changes seemingly almost
    overnight. Visicalc was one, Windows 3.1 was another. I disagree with your
    views on Vista. I think it is the best OS Microsoft has released yet. The
    improved security will vastly improve the Internet, even for people not
    running Windows. Only time will prove which of us is right.
    Kerry Brown, Nov 24, 2006
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