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Discussion in 'Windows Vista Help' started by frogliver, Apr 27, 2011.

  1. frogliver

    frogliver Guest

    I have Vista Home Premium without any Service Packs installed according to
    Run/winver. I checked with Windows Updates so I could install SP1 in order
    to then go up to SP2-- it lists 72 important and 5 optional updates
    available for my laptop but there is no SP1 or SP2 in the list (SP1 & SP2
    only mentioned along with .NET stuff). Since MS recommends downloading SP1
    from Updates, what should I do?

    Also, those "72 Important" updates freak me out because I once attempted to
    bring my PC with WinXP current with such a long list of updates all at once
    overnight, and woke up to a black screen -- XP has never booted again since.
    I assume many of these will be taken care of if I can get SP1 & 2 installed
    so I will look at them again afterward.

    I can't afford to have problems that take my laptop out of commission. Any
    help will be greatly appreciated.

    frogliver, Apr 27, 2011
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  2. frogliver

    frogliver Guest

    Upon further investigation I found MS's possible reasons why SP1 is not
    offered in the updates list:

    Drivers listed in "optional" need to be installed first. None of these
    apply -- they are about MS Office which I don't have going.

    Another update needs to be installed first. Out of the 72 listed, how am I
    supposed to figure out the ones needed? As I said, I am leery of this big
    of a list of updates because of bad past experiences.
    frogliver, Apr 27, 2011
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  3. frogliver

    PaulRS Guest

    What I found out (see Vista SP1 to SP2 Thread) is that SP2 does not
    "come up" until you have every other "fix" downloaded and installed.
    Theis meant that after you install the current updates, go back and
    click on "Check for updates" in the updater menu (left screen). I had
    to do this 4 times with new updates found (and installed) each time.
    Then on the 5th time SP2 came up as an update. --- Have Fun!!!
    PaulRS, Apr 27, 2011
  4. frogliver

    PaulRS Guest

    Just read the remainder of your post. Here is the key (probably to XP
    failure), You have to watch over the update process. So require
    conformation and reboots - - If nobod is there (like over night) these
    may get lost or a power blip happened, etc. I just did 70+ and watch
    them all (painfully), but NO PROBLEMS -- all is working fine at SP2

    PaulRS, Apr 27, 2011
  5. frogliver

    frogliver Guest

    Thanks for the info, Paul. I tried just doing just four of the optional
    driver installs because MS says it is usually these needed driver installs
    that block service packs from showing up (hoping that most of the security
    update would come with the service pack(s) anyway). I always have lousy luck
    with updates -- the OS hung in the middle of installing and would not
    restart without unsuccessfully trying a repair restart, then having to go to
    System restore to open Vista again.


    frogliver, Apr 29, 2011
  6. frogliver

    PaulRS Guest

    Sounds to me like either you have
    (1) a really messed up installation OR
    (2) a Hard Drive that is nearly full

    My suggestion would be since hard drives are very cheap and easy to
    swap in laptops these days buy a duplicate of the HD you now have in
    your laptop. Then start a fresh install on the new drive. Swap the
    drives when you need your current set up , but work on your new drive
    to transfer the stuff you need. Soon you can completely make the
    replacement drive your laptop's drive.

    If you do this, begin with the Vista OS from your install disks and
    the do all the upgrades before anything else on the new drive.

    This will give you access to your current system and a nice clean
    upgraded system in the future for a decent price. Transfer files with
    a 4GB or 8GB flash drive.

    Alternately, you may buy an external HD to copy all your important
    stuff. Then do a fresh install, do all the upgrades, then transfer
    programs and data from the external HD. Of course we are talking
    about a "lost weekend," but in the end it will be worth it.

    PaulRS, Apr 30, 2011
  7. frogliver

    frogliver Guest

    Before I read your last comments I managed to install those four optional
    drivers and most of the "important" updates from the list, hoping that I
    would cover MS requirements for showing SP1 along the way. That did not
    happen and the remainder of those "important" ones that I left for last
    specifically do not apply, such as one that configures something for iPod
    functions -- I will never have a need for that unless I relocate to a
    civilized part of the country.

    There are several updates listed for MS Office 2007 which came with the OEM
    OS but I never activated. One of those is 202+MBs! I intend to try ridding
    the machine of Office totally over that, but it is a great illustration of
    why I never turn on Automatic Updates. Many others deal with Windows Media
    player scheduling and internet access functions I don't use -- and the few I
    did allow are already popping up .DLLs to install all over the place asking
    for permission to open.

    But still no SP1 option. After I delete anything to do with MS Office and
    hopefully destroy the recognition of it to MS Updates, I guess I will
    install the rest, hoping this will satisfy the MS SP1 requirement whether
    they apply or not.

    I have plenty of room available plus have two external HDDs, so that isn't
    much of an issue. I can still plod along a bit more before considering the
    more elaborate solutions you mentioned.
    frogliver, May 1, 2011
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