Vista Startup Repair cannot repair this computer automatically

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by MNPharmer, Jan 28, 2008.

  1. MNPharmer

    MNPharmer Guest

    My new laptop has had this problem twice since I bought it. The first time I
    had to use the recovery disk. Do you think it is a Vista problem or a
    hardware problem? I don't want to lose all of my files AGAIN! Is there any
    way to save them or is there a fix other than reinstalling the OS? I've
    tried all of recovery tools that can repair the computer without deleting my
    files but none have worked. Here is what Startup Repair gives as details of
    the problem:

    Problem Event Name: StartupRepairV2
    Problem Signature 01: AutoFailover
    Problem Signature 02: 6.0.6000.16386.6.0.6000.16386
    Problem Signature 03: 6
    Problem Signature 04: 1507351
    Problem Signature 05: CorruptFile
    Problem Signature 06: CorruptFile
    Problem Signature 07: 3221226017
    Problem Signature 08: 1
    Problem Signature 09: WrpRepair
    Problem Signature 10: 0
    OS Version: 6.0.6000.
    Locale ID: 1033

    Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated!
    MNPharmer, Jan 28, 2008
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  2. MNPharmer

    neodyme60 Guest


    I registered just to post here. I have the exact same problem with the
    same diagnostic and i still didn't fix the problem! I don't have the
    vista installation cd (it was already installed), so i can't do the
    install repair. Can some please help me? I have very important documents
    and don't wanna lose them!

    Thank you
    neodyme60, Feb 27, 2008
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  3. MNPharmer

    Dennis Guest

    I was wondering if anyone had an answer to this problem as I am experiencing
    the same issue? Is it is possible to fix without losing my files? I cannot
    get the computer even boot in safe mode.

    Please help.

    Dennis, Mar 18, 2008
  4. MNPharmer

    cfstephens Guest

    I'm having the same problems as the others posted. Was a solution ever
    posted? Please help!
    cfstephens, Apr 27, 2008
  5. MNPharmer

    ktheking Guest

    I got my second customer yesterday ,who's profile folder and other
    folders (containing the 'My documents' and 'My picture' folders) have
    been whiped by Vista itself. So this is not a standalone incident ,but
    This happens due to auto-repair (Vista Startup Repair) functions of
    vista which occurs on a bad install of the updates or disk problems.
    The install of the vista updates occurs by default at boot time.
    The actual problem message is :
    ' Vista Startup Repair cannot repair this computer automatically '
    Details :
    problem event name: startup repair v2
    problem signature 01: failover
    problem signature 02: 6.0.6000.16386.6.0.6000.16386 problem signature
    03: 6 problem signature 04: 655370 problem signature 05: no root cause
    problem signature 06: no root cause problem signature 07: 0 problem
    signature 08: 2 problem signature 09: wrp repair problem signature 10: 2
    OS version: 6.0.6000. local ID: 1033

    Example : '_'

    So be warned and take backups , also try to put your personal
    docs/folders/files OUTSIDE your profile folder ,preferably on another
    partition ,even better another drive , even better a NAS !

    -DO NOT EXECUTE MANUFACTERERS REPAIR (available from vista repair
    work on it ,the more things won't be recovered)
    -If possible take disk image (Norton ghost 11,Acronis Trueimage,etc.)
    from the problem disk before doiing the recovery and reinstall.
    -Launch file recovery tools (GetDataBack NTFS,EasyRecovery,Disk
    Commander,O&O Recovery,etc.) from other pc or livecd/dvd to extract
    personal data

    -or choose MANUFACTERERS repair option in repair console (if no DVD
    give with the pc)
    -or use DVD to reinstall VISTA on the pc.

    You can try repairing system files and so by trying to recover and
    reinstall the files only (example use sfc /scannow ,etc : 'Some Windows
    Vista functions may not work, or Windows Vista may stop responding'
    ( ) .But chances are you'll end
    up installing the whole pc again and loose loads of time.

    So final conclusion :

    Hope this'll help for you ...:D
    ktheking, May 8, 2008
  6. MNPharmer

    Not Me Guest

    I have moved the default location that I save my files to since the early
    Beta builds.
    Generally it is on a different HDD or partition.
    I do not like my data overwritten when I reinstall an OS.
    Not Me, May 8, 2008
  7. MNPharmer

    Felicity Guest

    I don't know if this is going to work yet, but it seems hopeful....

    I was having the same problem of the startup tool failing over and ove
    again after SP1 install. After trying just about every option i
    SafeMode, it seems that the one (I don't remember the verbiage exactly
    'Return to the last known working configuration (advanced)' is what i

    It's the only option that has gotten me past the initial windows launc
    and then blue screen and startup tool. When I used this, it took m
    to the "swirly" vista background and now is installing stage 2 of th

    Just wanted to share that in case it's helpful for anyone else wh
    might be on the same freak-out mode as I am at the thought of losing m
    data. :
    Felicity, May 11, 2008
  8. MNPharmer

    Felicity Guest

    So after Stage 2 of SP1 was done, it rebooted again. BSOD, and then th
    next reboot took me to a safemode-type screen where I chose the repai

    This got me back to the Windows failed launch and the Startup Repai
    "Tool" which failed miserably. It also helpfully pointed out the roo
    cause as being a recent upgrade. DUH!

    Using the "Last Known Good Configuration (advanced)" from the F8 saf
    mode screen is now ending in BSOD. Still need stage 3 of SP1. Or t
    go back to stage 0, that would be fine, too, at this point
    Felicity, May 11, 2008
  9. MNPharmer

    ktheking Guest

    Hold on (long reading but it's worth it) : this story didn't end (
    hoped it did ,but it didn't :mad:). This machine was a Packard Bell ,fo
    which this company refused to hand me over the install DVD. So I fetche
    an Vista OEM SP1 from the net. I advise NEVER to buy a packard bell
    Worst support ever

    Nice install guideline doc over here : 'Clean Vista install WITH N
    ACTIVATION - Notebook Forums and Laptop Discussion

    During the reinstall of this machine I found some VERY interestin

    The re-installation ALWAYS interrupted with either BLUES SCREENS O
    DEATH (BSOD) , or were interrupted during the expanding phase of th
    Doubting that I had a good source ,I burned over and over the same is
    again ,with all possible variations (change o
    reader,cable,burnsoft,medium,burnspeeds,etc ..)
    After browsing numerous hours the web , I came to the conclusion tha
    this must be a hardware problem

    So I removed 1 memory bar (there were 2 present of 1Gb) ,and ....


    Hmm .. did I say to myself : A beginners error ? Just a memory hardwar
    error ?
    Strange ,because during all other activities with the livecd/dvd ,wer
    memory is intensively used ,this problem didn't occur
    So next step : Testing the memor

    And what shows : No error reported by mem check tools whatsoever.
    launched 5 different mem check tools

    Hmm even stranger : Conclusion Vista SP1 installation doesn't like
    bars of memory (or doesn't like the management of the memory)

    Coming to the final conclusion : *The initial problem of the VIST
    corruption occurs on the installation of a certain update (yet unclea
    if only with SP1 or another) ,together with a certain chipset (unknow
    which ones) AND THE PRESENCE OF 2 MEMORY BARS !!! During this upgrade-o
    install- ,a BSOD will occur or the upgrade will fail. But when a repai
    will be executed afterwards ,it will fail also because of the presenc
    of these 2 memory bars. As a result ,many people will launch severa
    repairs ,ending up with a total loss vista install

    WHENEVER INSTALLING SP1-and the following updates- (TROUGH CLEA
    THE 'MEMORY DIAGNOSTIC TOOL' (%SystemRoot%\System32\MdSched.exe)

    I hope this might help some of you. I've spent 18h hours to conclud
    this using the trial and error method

    Kind regards


    Thank you MS for giving me this extra work,I will never run out o
    business thanks to you. This reminds me of the days of Windows 3.11 ..
    ktheking, Jun 8, 2008

  10. You sure had a strange problem, but it must be more than just 2 sticks of
    memory. I've done a couple of clean installs and upgrades of vista OS on a
    couple of machines and both have 2 sticks of memory, never had any problems
    at all. At least you got through it o.k. Have a great day...
    NetBiznessMan, Jun 8, 2008
  11. MNPharmer

    ktheking Guest

    Yes,that's what I mentioned. The combination chipset,bios memory. I'l
    bet this never happens with an ASUS mobo .
    The fact of the matter is : This thing occurs while having Vista
    Booting with livedvd bartpe didn't give any problem

    My point exactly ... I've done numerous installs in all sorts of OS'
    (linux,unix,windoze,...) on all sorts of hardware ,but the pain thi
    install gave me was to such extend ,that I had to share it with th
    world ..

    Anyway ,if people encounter the same thing as me ,feel free to confir
    in this forum thread
    ktheking, Jun 8, 2008
  12. MNPharmer

    Cybrnxt Guest

    I was having similar problem with vista shutting down with BSOD. So
    installed SP1 thinking that could probably fixe the issue,however, th
    installation could not move to stage 2 and was rebooting over and over
    Well, I read this thread and removed 1 memory bar and presto! I was abl
    to move pass stage 3 and Vista struggled a bit but SP1 was installed an
    I am happy again.

    Also, just to ensure that I did not have faulty memormy chips I ran
    utility to check them and the results were all fine.

    I would suggest you remove 1 memory chip if you're experiencing simila
    issues. Who knows, it might work for you just as it did for me.
    Thanks fellows
    Cybrnxt, Jun 29, 2008
  13. MNPharmer

    pboggz Guest

    I am also stuck in an infinite loop of the startup tool which does not
    solve the problem. Is there a way to bypass this tool and get to Vista?
    If not, if I get a USB-SATA/IDE cable, will I be able to save all my

    The problems started when the laptop started getting a blue screen
    before the startup then it would restart and reboot to Vista. After a
    month or so, it gave me a blue screen about a video driver I believe (it
    went quickly) after I watched a DVD movie. Now, it is in the loop. I
    have done every option possible and checked all the hardware which is
    doing fine. Any advice??? Thanks in advance.
    pboggz, Jun 29, 2008
  14. MNPharmer

    pboggz Guest

    My last resort was to use Active Boot Disk to recover my files. 'Active
    Boot Disk. Bootable LiveCD. Backup, Data Recovery, Disk Eraser
    more...' (
    This is an excellent tool to fix problems and save data. Easy to us
    and a lot of options. I got pass the repair and into my hard drive whic
    I got everything off onto either USB or CD. Now I didnt want to wast
    anymore time figuring out the driver but this software I could have. FY
    pboggz, Jun 29, 2008
  15. MNPharmer

    Thinger Guest

    I was faced with a similar issue on a machine. I keep getting the BSO
    with error 000000be. I tried using the Startup Repair Tool which faile
    to repair the problem and would resume it's unsuccessful repair attemp
    after each reboot. I used the Dell Restore to factory condition too
    which would never complete and the machine would go into the endles
    Startup Repair Tool cycle again.

    I removed 1 of the 2 sticks of memory and did the Dell Restore tool.
    Upon it's successful completion, I put the memory back in and th
    machine is running fine now
    Thinger, Jul 18, 2008
  16. MNPharmer

    supertran82 Guest

    how do you remove the memory sticks
    supertran82, Nov 13, 2008
  17. MNPharmer

    Rick Rogers Guest


    Shut down the system, open the box and push down on the clips at either end
    of the memory stick(s) in question. Consult your system's motherboard manual
    if you are unsure where the sticks are located on your system. Be sure to
    ground yourself prior to touching any internal component to reduce the risk
    of damage from static electricity.
    Rick Rogers, Nov 13, 2008
  18. MNPharmer

    sroberts88 Guest

    Hi Im new to thia forum and have had the same problem ever since I
    downloaded vista service pack one. I really can't lose my files as it's
    all my uni work-I feel incredibly sypid now not to have backed them up.
    I have a Toshiba Satellite and really don't know much at all about
    computers and didn't understand a lot of the stuff said. What is
    removing sticks of memory?? I googled it but no luck]

    sroberts88, May 5, 2009
  19. MNPharmer

    BerLeigh Guest

    Yesterday morning I was using my laptop (HP G60-445DX Notebook PC) and
    it was working just fine. I shut it down normally, and that evening I
    went to turn it on and startup repair ran and gave me this message:

    Startup Repair cannot repair this computer automatically


    Problem Event Name: StartupRepairV2
    Problem Signature 01: AutoFailover
    Problem Signature 02: 6.0.6001.18000.6.0.6001.18000
    Problem Signature 03: 6
    Problem Signature 04: 1245203
    Problem Signature 05: CorruptFile
    Problem Signature 06: CorruptFile
    Problem Signature 07: 3221225624
    Problem Signature 08: 2
    Problem Signature 09: SystemRestore
    Problem Signature 10: 0
    OS Version: 6.0.6001.
    Locale ID: 1033

    I've tried restoring to previous dates, etc, and i don't know what to
    Also, I don't exactly know what all of the details mean... I'd love to
    be able to fix this issue myself instead of taking my computer somewhere
    BerLeigh, Nov 8, 2009
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