Vista Task Scheduler - Batch File

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by MCM, Jun 27, 2008.

  1. MCM

    MCM Guest

    I have a batch file with an xcopy routine. This runs correctly when I execute
    it manually. I am trying to automate this task with task scheduler on my
    Vista machine. When it attempts to run, the scheduler reports the task
    completed with an exit code of 0x4. It is never actually executed.
    MCM, Jun 27, 2008
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  2. When you setup the scheduled task, there is a checkbox for running 'with the
    highest privileges'. This will grant you the 'Permissions' you need to open
    files. If you are also setting this task to 'run whether logon on or not' is
    will fail to show a run window.(GUI)
    Mark L. Ferguson, Jun 27, 2008
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  3. MCM

    MCM Guest

    Highest privileges is already checked.

    I am aware that it will not show a window, but the task takes about 2 hrs to
    run and when I run it from the task scheduler, it finishes instantly. I can
    also see from the results that it is not executing.
    MCM, Jun 27, 2008
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