Vista Ultimate 64-bit requires activation after plugging in extra battery pack instead of DVD drive

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by Robert Janik, Aug 7, 2009.

  1. Robert Janik

    Robert Janik Guest


    I just removed DVD drive from ASUS R1E laptop and plugged in extra battery
    pack and after I plugged in USB portable hard drive WD Passport Vista now
    requires activation.
    I use this system for about 1 year and I used it in exactly the same
    configuration before. OS says that there was a hardware change and now I
    need to activate OS within 3 days. The only difference from previous config
    is that now I have connected receiver for US wireless Microsoft keyboard and
    mouse and 4 port USB hub. I also changed power plan to conserve battery
    power and at that moment Vista shown activation message in tray.

    Is there a limitation how many USB devices in total can I plug in? I think I
    may have used about 10 - 15 different devices including USB flash memory.
    What can I do to revert the activation request? I don't have any other
    product key, but the original one that came with the laptop.

    Robert Janik, Aug 7, 2009
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  2. Robert Janik

    Rick Rogers Guest

    Hi Robert,

    Once initiated, you can't revert the activation request. Your existing key
    is all you need, there is no need to obtain another one. A single change of
    hardware wouldn't normally trigger this, but multiple changes add up and

    Theoretically, you can chain up to 127 USB devices, but you'd need to add
    some powered terminals for that.
    Rick Rogers, Aug 7, 2009
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  3. Robert Janik

    Robert Janik Guest

    After plugging in DVD drive back in Vista reports that OS is activated,
    however I don't know what would have happened if I left the system with
    additional battery pack for 3 days. I guess after 3 days Vista would be
    locked for good. It is quite annoying that I cannot plug in extra battery
    pack instead of DVD drive on laptop. Perhaps software protection could be
    changed somehow and Microsoft could provide patch.
    The most annoying think is that I found this problem the evening before
    leaving for airport.

    Suggestion to anybody who travels with laptop with Vista installed:
    Plug in all devices you will be using on the trip, disconnect power supply
    and check the exact configuration you will be using on plane
    (wi-fi/bluetooth off etc). Wait for a few days if activation request pops
    Robert Janik, Aug 24, 2009
  4. Can you try one thing at a time?
    Turn off your PC. Just remove the DVD drive. Turn on your PC. Allow Vista
    to boot. Is it still activated?
    Then turn the laptop off again. Insert battery pack, turn on again.
    Perhaps you'll be more lucky with less concurrent changes.
    Dusko Savatovic, Aug 25, 2009
  5. Robert Janik

    Robert Janik Guest

    Unfortunately Activation is required merely after removing DVD drive and
    leaving slot empty. I shut down the computer, remove DVD drive and then
    power up. Vista requires activation in 3 days.
    This must definitely be a bug. Perhaps algorithm which evaluates license
    against hardware configuration counts removal of DVD, floppy etc. as a
    hardware change. On desktops we usually don't remove these, but on laptops
    it is quite common to replace certain components momentarily or connect new
    devices or docking station.
    I was thinking about buying Sound card for Express slot, because integrated
    audio does not allow mixing sounds (like recording what you hear from
    multiple inputs). But now I don't know. It could be recognized by OS as
    another hardware change.
    At least if the expiration was 30 days instead of 3. What if somebody takes
    laptop on a business trip and needs different configuration for presentation
    to a customer? After 3 days he/she could end up with computer locked up
    until coming back home and setting up original configuration.
    Robert Janik, Aug 29, 2009
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