Vista Ultimate and WOW

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Games' started by TechGuyatwork, Feb 12, 2007.

  1. Plays fine with a:
    Intel 2.66
    768 megs of ram
    5200 invidia pci card.
    160 gig hard drive.

    Had problems installing patches for game but installing TBC fixed that.
    WOW plays just as good as before.
    TechGuyatwork, Feb 12, 2007
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  2. TechGuyatwork

    Dixon Butz Guest

    With wow i get a lot less fps. I dont use vista for wow. It sucks!
    Especially in pvp
    ATI AIW X800
    Latest ATI Drivers
    2Gigs RAM
    DFI MB
    Dixon Butz, Feb 12, 2007
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  3. TechGuyatwork

    Apollonas Guest

    Apollonas, Feb 18, 2007
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