vista ultimate freezes

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Performance' started by Gilbert Lynds, Oct 18, 2009.

  1. Hi, I have Vista Ultimate with SP2 and updates. For some reason copying
    files to or from usb drive freezes the computer. lights still on but nothing
    happening. mouse pointer wont move nor any keys on keyboard. left for half
    hour and still same. Used to work fine. tried different usb drives and
    same problem. partitioned drive and no problem copying between partitions.
    Reinstalled Vista and problem persists. Installed Windows 7 on second
    partion and copys files to from usb no problems. Have HP Pavilion DV5 AMD
    laptop. Dont really want to spend $500 and buy Windows 7 if can help it.
    would prefer stay with vista. Also 2gb ram in machine
    Gilbert Lynds, Oct 18, 2009
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  2. Gilbert Lynds

    Gil Tennant Guest

    Have you tried starting Windows in Safe Mode, to see if you can copy files
    normally to your USB, under that mode?

    Safe Mode eliminates all but the basic Windows necessary drivers and
    services. If it works in Safe Mode, then you need to run MSCONFIG, from the
    command prompt; click on the services tab, check "Hide all Microsoft
    Services", then "Disable All" for the remaining services that are shown.

    Next, click on the StartUp tab; make a note of all the items NOT checked
    (write down the Startup Item names of those NOT checked), and then click on
    Disable All. Then "Apply" button.

    Click "OK".

    Restart Windows in Normal mode. Try the USB copy files actions again, and
    see if your issue still occurs. If it does not, then you must go into
    MSCONFIG, and turn on each Service and Start-up item (except the ones you
    wrote down that were not checked in the first place), ONE AT A TIME, and
    reboot after each ITEM is turned on. Once the issue occurs again, then the
    last item you turned on, is your problem. Go back and uncheck that item, and
    seek out the manufacturer to see if they have an update/fix.

    These are the very basics of troubleshooting a behavior issue in any version
    of Windows.

    Good luck!
    Gil Tennant, Nov 15, 2009
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