VISTA Ultimate fresh reformat clean Installation failure - hangs...

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Installation' started by sniper968, Jul 26, 2009.

  1. sniper968

    sniper968 Guest

    Hi. I've got a serious problem. I decided to do a fresh installation o
    Vista Ultimate on my $4000 Asus VX2S Lamborghini notebook (which I go
    after getting a nice pay bonus back in 2007.

    Details of the Lambo are here
    'Techgage - ASUS Lamborghini VX2

    It was very sluggish and took about 5minutes to loadup. It was slow i
    multitasking and hanged on Windows Media Centre operations. Played game
    ok tho - but needed a cooler

    Things improved a bit after I deleted some of the Asus bloatwar
    mentioned in the unofficial asus notebook forum FAQ. Stuff lik
    Splendid, TPM, Asus Protect, Asus live update, power4phone etc..

    But it still seemed a tad slow for a US$4000 machine, esp the startu
    and multitasking

    I mentioned this to my friend a computer guru who advised me to do
    format and fresh clean installation. He had a spare moment in th
    weekend so he formated C drive - including the recovery partition as
    did not want the pre-installed Asus software

    However after the 1st reinstall reboot - the installation hangs nea
    the completion mark. I'm puzzled - not sure whats going on. Obviousl
    can't get to desktop or do a safe mode

    Can anyone help? Did a search and it seems to be a rare problem

    BTW, I was using a Vista Ultimate Corporate installation disk. M
    computer came preinstalled with the VISTA Ultimate OEM copy with only
    recovery disk. This caused significant problems which was only resolve
    after a lot of pain, esp. with the original crappy ASUS graphic car
    drivers which caused shutdown and sleep BSOD failures

    The computer is spec. No modifications made. Asus changed th
    motherboard in 2008 after the headphone jack failed. But no proble

    The notebook was actually running pretty good and reliable before this
    The old sleep failure problems was resolved with the long awaited ne
    Nvidia drivers. Installed all the updates, no problem. I just thot th
    reformat and reinstallation would clear out all the asus crap and mak
    it better. Old school thinking I guess

    The Asus lambo uses a SATA HD which may be the cause of the problem

    We've tried loading up SATA drivers but no help

    My friend was using his company Vista Ultimate Corporate installatio
    disk to install as all I have is the VISTA CD Key

    Please help
    sniper968, Jul 26, 2009
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  2. sniper968

    Rick Rogers Guest


    The system likely requires one or more proprietary drivers that were
    included in Asus' recovery method but are not found in a standard Vista
    image. You need to contact Asus for a proper set of disks since you removed
    the recovery data. There is no way of knowing how many driver files may be
    needed or which ones they are.

    Also, Vista Ultimate is not a corporate version, it is a consumer version.
    The corporate version is called Enterprise. An Enterprise disk may have been
    altered by the company to match their hardware and may not be suitable for
    use on other machines.
    Rick Rogers, Jul 26, 2009
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  3. sniper968

    BillW Guest

    You need to find an new computer guru. One that knows something about vista
    other than reinstall from a disk that is not set up for your system. Before
    formatting he should have advised you to make the install disks from the
    hidden partition. Didn't know that? Should have read the information that
    came with your machine. He also should advised you on how, when, to make a
    backup of your hard drive so you wouldn't have this problem. Now as Rick
    advised you need to contact ASUS and see if they can supply you with the
    install disks for your system. For the future all preinstalled systems come
    with an OEM version of the operating system that is modified for that
    hardware. When the preload is in a partition on the hard drive there are
    instructions to make a set of preinstall CD's.
    BillW, Jul 26, 2009
  4. Having the same problem using recovery disks sniper96

    Not the same laptop but - same issue with restoring it. hangs nea

    a couple tips i can give you, though i have not found a clean instal
    solution, i did manage to finess my comp into submission with only a 96
    recovery completion adn it's been heck ever since

    prep of the comp is golden - run a memory test - i did find a ba

    make sure your bios timer is set to the correct time - keeping in min
    if it is 24hr or 12hr displa

    Remove all modules - ie:memory card reader module

    if you can - ghost the restore image to your drive - i do not know wh
    the disks cause problems on some laptops adn i'm sure Acer and other
    like my Sony - do not sit there installing from disk

    Though our comps cause may not be the same for this issues - i ca
    tellyou it is a total pain in the butt to locate the problem - i've bee
    fighting this Recovery for 2 weeks now

    Another recomendation - go Win

    i know others with the same problem or problems with Vista Recovery fo
    manufacturers propietory software, that said the heck with fighting i
    and went to Win7 and now no problems

    I'm on the verge of it myself and it doesn't cost you anything but tim
    to sign up and download the Beta version at microsoft. And like Ultimat
    it comes with drivers for DVD for WMP - it's notthe final release an
    updates often with fixes - but no issues from those i know using it.

    best of luck - i'll watch the thread to see if maybe some posts a cure
    i haven't tried yet for recovery.

    Sweet looking laptop btw - may try the Leather look on my Sony
    - well maybe not - i have carbon fiber... ;0)
    SonyVGNSZ460N, Jul 27, 2009
  5. sniper968

    darkrats Guest

    Does it hang at the point where setup is checking the computer's
    performance? That's where the blurbs come on, telling you the advantages of
    using Vista, while a progress bar appears at the bottom. If that's the case,
    there may be a conflict between setup and one of the devices on the
    computer. Press ALT+ F4 to, to by-pass this check, and go directly to the
    desktop, and then check out the Device Manager to see what drivers need to
    be installed.
    darkrats, Jul 27, 2009
  6. sniper968

    sniper968 Guest

    I really don't understand what's going on. It was actually working i
    Vista before this clean format and fresh up

    XP works ok.

    I just installed Vista on top of that and I still get the same problem
    It shows installation was ok - then it comes to the black Microsof
    Window bootup screen = and shows its loading up forever.

    No error message
    sniper968, Jul 27, 2009
  7. sniper968

    Bill Daggett Guest

    Others have told you that since you did NOT use a disc that had
    specific drivers for your machine, you can expect to have problems.

    You mentioned in an earlier post that you didn't want "any Asus
    software" installed, so you didn't use the recovery partition.

    It is looking as if you might have screwed up big time.
    Bill Daggett, Jul 27, 2009
  8. sniper968

    sniper968 Guest

    Not half as screwed up as you mate

    Sounds like you need more fibre in your diet
    sniper968, Jul 27, 2009

  9. sniper968 - he's only trying ot help here - put the gun down...

    no... you can't shoot him one more time... come on now... put it down

    down.... no... down... that's it... good sniper968

    - okay now... Bill Dagget may have a point abou the drivers - most
    Computer manufacturers use custom drivers - hence the big bitch about
    them not keeping them up to date - and your possible issue with your
    graphics card drivers.

    As well this issue made way for the the hacks to update comp
    manufacturer drivers to the hardware manufaturers latest drivers. MOD
    laptop being one site that has this software.

    Most hardware manufacturers will tell you on their sites - you must use
    say Acer drivers as they are proprietary drivers. you'll loose feature
    capabilities if you don't.

    try installing those drivers first - then hack them to the latest
    hardware manutacturers updated driver - as mentioned - there is a way to
    do this.

    installing Vista via a Win Vista disk rather than a Acer Restore disk -
    could be the problem... your xp install may have worked but the Vista
    one will not - it's a tad tempermental and more sensitive than XP from
    what i understand in my readings of others attempting the same.

    again nice looking laptop you have - Sony has come out with there
    leather covered version this year - looks good as well

    i enjoy seeing the laptop mods as there aren't a whole lot out there
    that are real eye catchers and usefull for everyday use.

    yours is one of the nicer mods i've seen... now if you can just get it
    back on track... with vista or the option - Win7

    all just trying to help and keep in mind - it can get a tad frustrating
    at times...
    so take your time...
    SonyVGNSZ460N, Jul 27, 2009
  10. sniper968

    sniper968 Guest

    Thanks SonyVGN

    I installed the nvidia graphic driver for the system 2 months ago whe
    it was finally released. not the laptop2go, but the actual ngd from th
    nv website. Took them over 2 years to release it. It worked perfectly.

    The original Asus graphic cards drivers caused the computer not to wak
    up when it went to sleep. The only recourse from that was a reboot
    Which on one occasion caused windows to break down. The stupid Asu
    recovery disk provided did not offer a repair option. I had to borrow a
    installation disk to do the repair

    However the computer still loaded up pretty slow. It took about 5 min
    + before the HD light stopped flashing.

    2 weeks ago, I deleted all the stupid asus bloatware and surprise, i
    ran much faster

    Last weekend, I thot I'd go one step better and do a fresh installatio
    - which led to my current predicament.

    Yeah, the issue is that it cannot complete the restore process. Stops
    you can reboot - but it hangs exactly as you say

    Called up Asus and they told me to use the recovery disk. Its loadin
    up right now. I was surprised as I thought it would only work with th
    image partition
    sniper968, Jul 28, 2009
  11. sniper968

    sniper968 Guest

    Some good news. I (found and) loaded the Asus recovery disk and it
    reinstalled Vista. I lost the drivers disk and the image partition was
    deleted - ergo, I expected the worse. But it works now.

    Surprisingly very well, and smooth. So all's good.

    The only hitch was the Sata disk was set to compatible during the
    installation process; I had set it to compatible when I installed XP. I
    turned it back to enhanced. But I'm just wondering whether it will cause
    any problems? Its working ok now.
    sniper968, Jul 28, 2009
  12. just got an email notification of your post - only one thing to sa

    Bravo! sniper968 - Bravo

    you're get the official geek smiley - :geek

    great job buddy - glad to hear it - happy for yo

    hopefully mine will come around the same way one day

    SonyVGNSZ460N, Jul 28, 2009
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