Vista Ultimate x64 on Sony Vaio VGC-RM1N - Blue screen during install

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Installation' started by alza, Nov 4, 2007.

  1. alza

    alza Guest

    Hi there,

    I tried to install the 64-bit version of Vista Ultimate on a Sony Vaio
    VGC-RM1N but unfortunately I got a 'blue screen of death' shortly after
    the installation starts, with the following error:


    I tried again but also pressed the 'F8' key to run setup in safe mode,
    and was then able to see the drivers being loaded. The blue screen seems
    to happen when the 'disk.sys' driver is being loaded.

    Has anyone else with this Vaio tried to install a 64-bit version of
    Vista and seen the same problem? If so, did you manage to solve the
    problem and install sucessfully?

    alza, Nov 4, 2007
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  2. alza

    alza Guest

    Just an update on the above problem.. I managed to workaround the STOP
    error and install Vista x64 sucessfully by disabling the "Core
    Multiplexing Technology" option in the BIOS.

    Unfortunately, I realised later that although disabling this option
    allowed Vista to boot ok, it effectively disables two of the four cores
    in my CPU; so this isn't a very good solution!

    As a result of this discovery, I now suspect the problem is due to a
    BIOS issue, but as this is a Sony VAIO (and x64 Vista is not officially
    supported by them on my model) I may be waiting quite a while for an
    updated BIOS.

    alza, Nov 10, 2007
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  3. alza

    specnyt Guest

    seems like i'm not the only one having this problem, though mine's a desktop
    running on quad core too. haven't tried taking out the multiplexing in the
    bios, but i'll do it later and see if it works.

    after installing your vista, if you enable the multiplexing, does it still
    specnyt, Nov 28, 2007
  4. alza

    alza Guest

    Unfortunately not - although I can install Vista x64 with the
    multiplexing option disabled, if I try and re-enable it once the
    installation is complete I get the same blue screen error.

    I am convinced that the problem is a bios issue specific to this Vaio
    model. Unforunately no bios updates have been released by Sony as yet
    (and this is unlikely to happen in the near future given that they don't
    officially support Vista x64 on this model)..
    alza, Jan 1, 2008
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