Vista used to be able to access domain resources...

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Support' started by Xero, Nov 6, 2009.

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    Nov 6, 2009
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    We have a single user that has a laptop with windows vista home. As of the beginning of the week and prior, the laptop was able to access server resources such as a public shared folder, and also used an inventory program that accessed the server for a database. Now it seems it cannot access the server. The network it is trying to access is a server 2003 domain.

    When the user tries to access either the folder or inventory program, they are prompted to input credentials but are denied because of improper permissions. The user is inputting the proper information because they can access the server using remote desktop.

    The error that comes up in the event log on the server is a Usernv error with the following message: "Windows cannot determine user or computer name. Return value (1326)."

    Would adding a host record to the server DNS correct this issue?

    And Yes I understand that Vista Home is not able to join a domain.
    Xero, Nov 6, 2009
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