Vista, Vista, Vista...

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by bnjerc, Nov 6, 2007.

  1. bnjerc

    bnjerc Guest

    My hopes were really high when I bought Vista, but they've severly plumeted
    since then. my Windows Update can't update anymore, and several of the
    software programs I want to use run into trouble with ERROR 1935 because M.S.
    C++ doesn't want to install and configure... I can't even get it to download
    right from Microsoft's website. I'd email Microsoft about it looking for
    help... but Microsoft wants another 60 bucks just to hear me out... because
    I've owned Vista longer than 90 days. So, I'm not extremely confident I'll
    find a fix for this situation. Even if I do find a fix for it, I don't want
    to wait around for the next time Windows update program misconfigures
    everything on my OS all to hell, and have to pay 60 bucks an email for
    everytime some issue needs to be addressed directly to Microsoft's tech
    support. I'm a computer tech for the organization I work with, and the going
    rate to responding to a tech email is 60 bucks these days than I'm extremely

    Anyways, just wanted Microsoft to know my personal experience with Vista
    will lead me to oppose the tranistion from XP to Vista for the organization I
    work with--that I personally may decide to switch back to XP on my personal
    computer; and that when it's usefulness has become absolutely dated, my
    intent to switch over to APPLE's and encourage my organization in their
    adoption even more immediately--while I pray that Google will up the
    tech-ante and put out their own OS that will give MS good push off the OS

    In the meantime, I have an Apple's sales-rep that is just dying to get the
    money we send to Gateway every year anyways; and I'm meeting with him this
    thursday to look at their new models. Our business won't mean much to
    Microsoft alone, but the way things are going, I'm sure a lot of people are
    going to end up avoiding Vista like the plauge--and then PC manufactuers like
    Gateway, Dell, and HP will be less and less inclined to bundle their machines
    with this particular OS. And now that Apple has partnered with INTEL to
    expand their OS's compatibility, and Google is a financial titan in the
    software industry who will continue to seek new ways to expand their
    profits--the day MS looses it's maket-share as an OS provider could come as
    swiftly as Nentindo went down during the rise of Playstation. (Hmmm... Since
    MS hit Sony's console market share, what's to keep them from looking into
    developing their own OS??? :-D In less than 10 years everything could be
    extremely different.)

    Vista was meant to tighten MS's grip on the OS market--but it might end up
    undoing it altogether! :-D That would be world-changing for sure, but, a bad
    thing.... probably not. And the upside for Microsoft is that they won't see
    anymore monopoly or antitrust lawsuits against them when that day comes.

    What else can I say... but vista, vista, vista.... shame, shame, shame.
    bnjerc, Nov 6, 2007
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  2. Troll with multiple technical inadequacies.
    Carey Frisch [MVP], Nov 6, 2007
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  3. bnjerc

    joel406 Guest

    I agree Carey.

    He cant be much of a tech if he cant make a top notch OS such as Vista

    Too bad for that company. They'll fold long before Vista with wizards
    like him maintining their systems.
    joel406, Nov 6, 2007
  4. MVP with multiple social inadequacies.

    Priceless quotes in group:

    "Fair use is not merely a nice concept--it is a federal law based on
    free speech rights under the First Amendment and is a cornerstone of the
    creativity and innovation that is a hallmark of this country. Consumer
    rights in the digital age are not frivolous."
    - Maura Corbett
    The poster formerly known as 'The Poster Formerly , Nov 6, 2007
  5. bnjerc

    Charlie Tame Guest

    The poster formerly known as 'The Poster Formerly Known as Nina DiBoy'
    Hmm, case of mistaken identity, they cannot mean you can they?????
    Charlie Tame, Nov 6, 2007
  6. bnjerc

    XS11E Guest

    Did you have a question or did you just want to whine about your
    personal inadequacies in learning new things?
    XS11E, Nov 6, 2007
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