Vista won't boot; black screen. Done all suggested.

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Performance' started by NervaVels, Nov 21, 2007.

  1. NervaVels

    NervaVels Guest

    I have Vista and it has stopped loading to my computer. I have run all the
    diagnostics, all the repairs (they have all run more than 24 hours without
    change) and tried to reinstall (which I've let run for 24 hours without
    change). There is no change to my computer status; it still won't run, Vista
    is no longer present, and I've spent hours on the phone with Dell running all
    this as well as rerunning it on my own. I have only 1 hdd. Vista came
    preinstalled and worked fine until 11/16. It ran all my weekly scans; when I
    turned my computer back on the next day, Vista did not load. There were no
    error messages. Can anyone help me; I'm seeing similar but not quite the
    same issues on the forum. I'm on someone else's computer and I have limited
    access because my computer won't work.

    Specifics: I've run the hdd diagnostics - all pass. I've run all the
    hardware configuration tests and all pass. My BIOS works fine. I've tried
    reinstalling from cd/dvd that comes with system - it has run for 24 hours
    without a change in status. The 'Attempting repairs' has also run for 16
    hours without change in status. I've spoken to Dell, and now I come here.
    Again, all the tests and diagnostics tell me my hardware's fine. The
    software simply is not working nor is it repairing or reinstalling as it
    should. Any suggestions? Ask any questions you may need to get the
    information required to give a response. Do NOT post a link unless
    absolutely necessary to explain your procedure. Thank you!

    Oh, and if this is not the appropriate discussion group, please be aware
    that there are two others I will post on because I simply don't know what
    this would fall under.
    NervaVels, Nov 21, 2007
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  2. NervaVels

    f/fgeorge Guest

    Reboot the machine, holding down the F8 key while it comes up, when it
    beeps constantly let go of the F8 key. It will come up with a list of
    options, chose the one that loads the most recent Restore Point.
    f/fgeorge, Nov 21, 2007
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  3. NervaVels

    Rick Rogers Guest


    It would help to know how far it loads before it halts. Does the transfer to
    the hard drive take place? Do you see anything beyond the POST?

    You mentioned running "all the diagnostics", but do not specify which. Was
    one of them a memory test?
    Rick Rogers, Nov 21, 2007
  4. NervaVels

    mathews2010 Guest

    all right
    im hopin you have an attansic NIC as your ethernet card..because
    windows vista released an important update for that, which did the same
    thing for me, if this is the card you have, you should be able to boot
    into safemode, uninstall the driver, run normally, and install your
    driver that came with the cd


    - ::Intel Core 2 Quad (Q6600)::
    - ::216BW Samsung Widescreen
    - ::Nvidia 8400 GS::
    - ::320 GB Seagate HDD::
    - ::2 GB G.Skill (DDR 2 800) (PC2-6400)
    - ::ASUS P5K LGA 775 Intel P35 ATX Intel Motherboard...::
    - ::Vista x64::
    mathews2010, Nov 21, 2007
  5. NervaVels

    NervaVels Guest

    Thank you all for the response. Yes, I did the F8 thing and tried to
    restore, but it just stopped at the restore prompt. When I tried to
    reinstall, it stopped just before giving me any instructions - all I got was
    the 'please wait' screen and a stationary hourglass.

    I don't think I got the ethernet card you speak of, but if I do, and it was
    that, even the Dell people were stumped because the system simply would not
    touch the OS, not even for restore. I did run memory tests and they came up
    as 'pass'. What Dell is doing now is that they will send me a new disk
    drive. If that doesn't work, they will start on the memory.

    If this is an update problem, it should be listed somewhere, no? I am
    angry, but not upset. I was told, by the way, that I cannot downgrade to XP
    and THAT is frustrating. Ah well. I welcome any thoughts or ideas as to why
    this could have occurred, and I will be glad to note if the new hdd works or
    NervaVels, Nov 23, 2007
  6. NervaVels

    Jack Mehoff Guest

    I can relate to your problems. I went through the same crap with Dell and Vista for
    over five months with a newly purchased laptop computer. Dell's wonderful 'on-site'
    service was a joke (that's where you talk to Dell's 'support' for a week and they
    blame everything on something other than their laptop then you finally send the
    system back to Dell because it'll be fixed faster that way and they keep it for two
    weeks and it'll come back with all your settings and data gone and it will still
    have the same problems it had when you sent it). Well, at least Dell paid the
    shipping back.

    As for the XP down-grade, about a month ago I paid my local computer shop $235 to
    wipe Vista and load Windows XP Home Edition on to my laptop. Since purchasing this
    laptop in May and up until the day when Vista was dumped and XP loaded, it didn't
    run a full 24-hours without some sort of problem, usually a major one requiring a
    hard shutdown and restart. Now, running XP, I can keep it on for a week at a time
    with no problems at all. In addition, it is now LIGHTNING FAST! Vista shmista!

    Also.....Aero Glass suck my ass. What a joke.

    I simply can't believe that both Vista and XP came from the same company. It's like
    someone kidnapped all the good MS programmers and replaced them all with Oompa-
    Loompa's. And what's up with Office 2007? Were they just trying to confuse all of us
    looooong time Office Users? Well, Open Office is out there and it works, and it's

    Good luck,
    Jack Mehoff, Nov 24, 2007
  7. Call your computers Manufactuer!
    James Matthews, Nov 25, 2007
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