Vista words update: No of words 69!

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by John Jay Smith, Jul 29, 2006.

  1. The following are only the NEW vistaWords.. to see the whole list go here:

    vistarrhea: Suffering from a watered down Vista experience. The only cure is
    the new build that will come out the following week.

    vistamateur: A vista newbie

    vistanoid: robot running vista

    vistallergy: Allergy to Vista

    antiVistamine: for those who are allergic to vista

    vistyware: spyware for vista

    VistaBeast: A human Vista supporter who behaves like an brute and animal

    vistuperman: super vista user

    vistupid: cannot understand how vista works

    Vistalgic: Someone who is used to having Vista on his pc
    and now feels nostalgic.

    Vistrology: predicting vista behavior

    Vistoovie: a Newsgroup user who complains about too many posted vistawords

    Vestart: When you have to restart

    Vistuck; Vistyfreeze: When vista freezes

    Vistapple, Mistac, (mistake?) VistaMac, Vistac: A Mac that can run Vista

    Vistokemon : Japanese version of vista

    vistanbul: A vista Turkish language pack (mui)

    Vistro: A Linux distribution with a similar look to Vista

    visisectionist: One who dissects Vista betas looking dubious maladies like

    Vistacide: ts a pesticide for bugs that are in Vista

    vistoned: high on vista

    unvistevable: when something odd happens on vista

    VooDooVista: Having a 3D character resembling someone on your screen and
    torturing it.

    vistaganda: Attempt to make everyone use vista

    Vistorrent: Downloading Vista from Torrent

    Vystem Vistore: Using System restore on Vista

    Vinstant Messaging: Instant Messaging on Vista

    Vistruggle: A struggle to install Vista on a computer

    vista morgana: optical illusion of final version of Vista
    fata morgana:

    Viserious: Doing something serious with Vista

    vistarionovich: A dictator - a person who brutally forces other people to
    upgrade to Vista

    Vistaguese: Portuguese Language pack for Vista

    Vistinium: The element 115 on the periodic table. This has been noted by
    Bob Lazar that this element is used by UFO's as their propulsion system.
    Unfortunately like vista crashes so did the Roswell UFO crash.

    AstaLaVista Baby: Saying farewell to vista & formatting your hard drive to
    install Linux

    Vistassic period: It is similar to the Jurassic period of time when lizards
    grew to gigantic proportions to become Dinosaurs. Here Windows has grown to
    the same gigantic, slow and dumb proportions.
    John Jay Smith, Jul 29, 2006
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  2. John Jay Smith

    Alan Simpson Guest

    Hmm.... How about visaster and vistatastrophe for boo boos that are bigger
    than vistakes.
    Alan Simpson, Jul 29, 2006
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  3. John Jay Smith

    Alan Simpson Guest

    Never mind, I added them as a post with a definition.
    Alan Simpson, Jul 29, 2006
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