Vista x64 Ultimate:: Three New Laptops, Three New Desktops

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Mail' started by Vista User, Mar 20, 2009.

  1. Vista User

    Vista User Guest

    I wonder why it is:

    I have three laptops (<6 months old, for the fatuous tech scribes who claim
    it's the user, not the product, that's at fault), and three new desktops,
    each with four to sixteen *GIGABYTES* of memory, each with quad- and
    dual-core processors. All are running Microsoft Vista Ultimate, x86 and
    x64, using OEM device drivers and Microsoft updates.

    Yet I cannot:

    (1) Boot up (even once) without Microsoft Vista Ultimate pausing to randomly
    reinstall driver installation for USB devices already installed (it's like
    *NEW!* even though it's been booting to the same untouched and unchanged
    hardware configuration);

    (2) Listen to Napster (audio streaming at 5 Mbs, having wierdly worked for
    an hour continuously, is suddenly clipped, interrupted, and halted, either
    by System Idle Processes or Search Index, or by Windows ONECARE or Windows
    UPDATE doing an unexpected, intrusive and unnecessary system scan, taking
    the highest priority over everything a computer is supposed to be available
    for, claiming it's necessary for "important updates," like Microsoft
    Silverlight, Ultimate Dreamscrape, or Windows Defender.

    (2) Save my user settings, so that any Folder Views that I have
    painstakingly configured the day before are now ignored, overwritten and
    reset after a system startup.

    (3) Trust anything that I actually *need* to be there to be there in five
    minutes: My System Backup does not include Program Files, User Settings, or
    Email for my user account. However, it *DOES* backup the Windows photos for
    default user backgrounds. Never mind about the $3,000 of software that I
    need protected via backup: Microsoft Windows Vista will only backup
    documents, music, photos and video. It will not backup Windows Ultimate
    Anytime Upgrade files, in case of a system failure, nor will it save any
    Restore Points beyond the very latest. Try to maintain a particular system
    recovery point, and you'll find yourself bent over a Microsoft logo, rammed
    repeatedly. Unlubed. That's what you get for spending thousands of
    hard-earned dollars for Microsoft Vista Ultimate on all your business

    (4) If Microsoft were a human being (or if Microsoft is simply a derivative
    of Mr. Gates) it would be diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder:
    The only reason it exists is to relegate all others to attend to its own
    reflection, gratification, inflated sense of worth, importance and
    involvement in daily life. The definition of Narcissism? Whether
    attention-hungry by being good, or by being annoying, intrusive and
    frustrating, the Narcissistic Personality will always hate to be loved, and
    love to be hated. And once the attention is extracted, it will move
    on to another source. That means you never mattered. Never did, never
    would. You're only there to dazzle, impress and dump. All that matters to
    a Narcissistic personality is that it's intrusive, messy and frustrating for
    its audience: without a victim, without an audience, it would have no sense
    of self, no way to know it's alive.

    Thank you, Microsoft.
    Vista User, Mar 20, 2009
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  2. Vista User

    mac Guest

    Wow, you sure have plenty of memory there:)

    This newsgroup is for problems with Windows Mail, a fleeting glance through
    your rant did not reveal any mention of that Application?

    How big is the Storage space on each of those machines, 2 or 4 MB?
    mac, Mar 20, 2009
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  3. Vista User

    samvaknin Guest

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