Visually nice, functionally horrible

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by microsvc, Nov 19, 2007.

  1. microsvc

    microsvc Guest

    In an effort to make Vista look appealing, you removed so much functionality
    that XP had, like reliability. I have to reboot at least once daily now when
    with XP rebooting only happened monthly when updates were installed. Things
    stop responding and never recover, every reboot I am nervous it may not,
    because that alreasdy happened once. Programs just GO AWAY and require
    reinstallation. Vista is like walking on eggshells, you never know when it
    will break.

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    microsvc, Nov 19, 2007
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  2. XP always ask to reboot when Windows Updates are installed, in fact its
    annoying in XP, leave you computer for 4 minutes and it automatically
    restarts without your permission, at least in Vista you can postpone
    restarting your PC up to 4 hours! As for reliability its hard guage, both XP
    and Vista are reliable in my opinion, most cases of unreliability on Vista
    or even XP are as a result of poor written device drivers or applications
    that do not adhere to new security priviledges.
    Andre Da Costa[ActiveWin], Nov 19, 2007
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