! VM Doorstop: Security Updates?

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by mike, May 8, 2004.

  1. mike

    mike Guest

    My PC was nothing more than a Doorstop for a day
    wish somebody would have told me.
    After installing 816093 Microsoft Virtual Machine? GO TO A WEBPAGE THAT CONTAINS JAVA APPLET!

    My update experience in the last 34 hour
    Yes every time i enter the windowsupdate.microsoft.com it shows an Error; page cannot load
    I Hit the refresh button! it works for me :

    Yes the update said 0% for a long.. long time, but then it jumped to 30% out of no ware.
    It took 10-15 minutes on a slow modem while it stayed at 0%

    Yes it will throw a warning wanting permission

    From what I can tell? If it says install failed? Reboot and hit the update scan again. My previous downloads came back as being installed

    Took me 3 trips
    Just keep coming back till the scan says no more critical updates, reboot as necessary.

    ->816093: Security Update Microsoft Virtual Machine (Microsoft VM)

    This VM was causing all the fuss on my win M
    And from reading all the post's all day long. I think it can be assumed a buggy installer? It’s either the VM or the Explorer 6 Service Pack 1 KB83116

    CPU at 100% some of the symptoms were;
    Not able to connect to the Interne
    And connecting when I did not want to, I guess trying to update again
    Pages not loading, screen freezing, 404 and every other erro
    When multi task programs I kept crashing, screen freeze, blue death
    Blue death at shut dow
    CPU's @ 100% anything can go wrong

    IF YOU HAVE UPDATED THE VM? Go to a web page that contains java applet
    My PC has not crashed in the last 10 hours & 42 min'
    -->Microsoft (R) Command-line Loader for Java Version 5.00.381
    -->Copyright (C) Microsoft Corp 1996-2000. All rights reserved
    Fired up VM about 10 hours ago, *Hint! Hint
    Worked for me :

    It also could be why your pc wants to download and install the same patch every day. Try running an applet. dah

    To check if Microsoft Virtual Machine is installed? and Running
    Go to Start then Run and then type cmd (type command for older windows). Dos prompt will show up. Now type jview. You should se
    'Microsoft (R) Command-line Loader for Java Version..


    some of my previous post

    where is mr Gates?

    it's a worm? no its a bug!

    Jupiter Jones [MVP] gives goodchef420 some options that i find appealing. Mr Jones also tells how to get that XP money back! anybody still got that 98 CD, support is still good till 2006

    mike, May 8, 2004
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  2. oh!
    One more thing? Before turn into a Weasel Txt/User
    I'm asumming this is the updated version
    -->Microsoft (R) Command-line Loader for Java Version 5.00.381

    i hope to soon leave this discussion board,
    somebody please confirm,
    and Peace out with me<><
    mike one more ? for ms, May 8, 2004
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  3. mike

    mae Guest

    Yes, according to my notes this is the last one:
    MS03-011 (816093) Apr 09, 2003 Flaw in Microsoft VM and Upgrades to MSVM3810

    | oh!
    | One more thing? Before turn into a Weasel Txt/User
    | I'm asumming this is the updated version?
    | -->Microsoft (R) Command-line Loader for Java Version 5.00.3810
    | i hope to soon leave this discussion board,
    | somebody please confirm,
    | and Peace out with me<><
    mae, May 8, 2004
  4. Thanks ma

    Also about loading an applet after install, FireUp That Java VM
    This fix only worked while the applet was runnin
    As soon as i closed the web page containing the apple
    My PC crashed

    The great news is.
    After restarting everything seems to be running fine
    mike todd smith, May 9, 2004
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