VPC frequently crashes - hardware compatible?

Discussion in 'Virtual PC' started by Tom, May 3, 2006.

  1. Tom

    Tom Guest

    Hi - I just bought (2 days) a Dell Insprion 6400 (Intell Core Duo T2300, 2gb
    RAM, etc.). I'm runnin VPC 2004 SP1. Inside, VPC I'm running Windows Server
    2003 Enterprise Edition Evaluation Copy SP1 and MS-CRM 3.0.

    The performance is awful (latency in typing password to sign, etc.) and the
    VPC session is crashing frequently (not consistently, but often).

    I've assigned 1gb of RAM to the VPC session and have disabled networking.
    Two other collegues I running the same setup (on different machines) and are
    not having any issues.

    Is there an issue with the duo core processor and VPC?
    Tom, May 3, 2006
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  2. Ben Armstrong [MSFT], May 3, 2006
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  3. Tom

    Tom Guest

    Thanks for the response. I've tried all three recommendations (power mgmt,
    bios update, and installing [email protected] to no avail. arrghhh...

    I've read from a different post that Virtual Server doesn't have these
    issues. I started to install it, but it requires IIS, I'm thinking I should
    hold off on that approach for now.

    Let me know if you have any other ideas.

    Tom, May 4, 2006
  4. Tom

    Barry Guest

    Hi Tom,

    I am too having exactly the same problem with a new Core Duo T2300 @
    1.66Ghz, 1GB RAM Laptop, General problems are that in each virtual machine
    things are slow to respond (Such as changing windows, typing). I also find
    that it will crash for no reason and ask to send a crash report to Microsoft.
    On doing this no further details are avaliable and I just have to start
    again. Don't really want to use virtual server either so im hoping so devs
    spot this and investigate.

    Barry, May 7, 2006
  5. Tom

    Paul Guest

    I also have had the same exact problem with a new laptop (Dell 6400 - Pentium
    Duo Core 2.0Ghz, 2GB RAM). After making the recommended configuration
    changes and applying fixes, I have noticed that the latency issues have
    improved. The VPCs are still crashing very frequently however.

    Paul, May 7, 2006
  6. Tom

    Barry Guest

    Ok i think we have a bit of a case here for someone at Microsoft's Virtual PC
    team to take a look at this?
    Barry, May 8, 2006
  7. I would advise that you contact Microsoft product support.
    Benjamin Armstrong
    Virtual machine Program Manager

    This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.
    You assume all risk for your use.
    Ben Armstrong [MSFT], May 9, 2006
  8. Ben Armstrong [MSFT], May 20, 2006
  9. Tom

    Steve Jain Guest

    I don't think the problem lies with dual cores, but rather power

    Power management and its cycling of the CPU speed is the issue, not
    the dual cores.

    In my experience, disabling the power management (cool n' quiet) has
    solved any issues with VPC and dual-core AMD CPUs,
    Steve Jain, May 21, 2006
  10. Tom

    Steve Jacobs Guest

    I've already (last week) set power management (from within Windows) to
    'Always On'. The frequency of VPC crashing may have lessened, but it is
    definitely still present.

    There are no settings in the BIOS on this laptop to disable Cool n Quiet.
    (Alienware Aurora m7700, Phoenix BIOS.)

    Is there any other way I can disable Cool n Quiet?

    Steve Jacobs, May 22, 2006
  11. Tom

    Steve Jain Guest

    Probably not. I've only had dual-core AMD desktops and the BIOS
    always had an option to enable/disable that feature.
    Steve Jain, May 22, 2006
  12. Tom

    Steve Jain Guest

    AMD just released a new CPU driver, it may help you out...

    AMD's Damon Muzny "There were a couple of "corner cases" (meaning very
    rare situations) where there needed to be a correction of how C'n'Q
    worked with some power suspend situations. Basically, if C'n'Q is
    already working on your machine, this won't change anything. No
    performance impact, period. "

    story link:

    download link:
    Steve Jain, May 22, 2006
  13. Tom

    Steve Jacobs Guest

    Thanks Steve - I'll check that out.

    -- Steve

    Steve Jacobs, May 22, 2006
  14. Tom

    Steve Jacobs Guest

    Still no joy.

    At this point I'm pursuing alternative hardware to use, and am arranging
    to return the laptop (we bought it specifically to run VPC). Thanks very
    much for trying to help, though.

    Do you know if the VPC team is aware of, or is actively working on this
    problem? Obviouosly it won't help me in time for my needs (trade show June
    4), but I'm curious all the same.

    Steve Jacobs, May 22, 2006
  15. Tom

    Steve Jain Guest

    Ben Armstrong is a program manager for VPC. I believe he pointed you
    to a post on his blog regarding this, or at least someone on this

    So, the short answer would be yes.
    Steve Jain, May 22, 2006
  16. We are working with a number of vendors on power management issues we
    have identified (note that - unfortunately - settings the power profile
    to 'Always on' does not disable the majority of power management
    options). I do not know if we are working with the vendor of you laptop
    - but would recommend that you contact Microsoft product support.
    Benjamin Armstrong
    Virtual machine Program Manager

    This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.
    You assume all risk for your use.
    Ben Armstrong [MSFT], May 23, 2006
  17. I have tried all the fixes mentioned here, and am still getting the frequent
    crashes. Since I use VPC to do alot of training and such, is there any chance
    that this is going to be resolved soon? Is there a new patch for the Duo's? I
    too am running a Dell Inspiron 9400 with 2 gigs of ram. I have installed all
    the hotfixes, turned off the speed step, changed the power settings, etc. Any
    help would be appreciated.

    Devon Cochenour
    MCSD, MCT MSF Master Trainer
    Devon Cochenour, Aug 10, 2006
  18. Tom

    Theo Gijzen Guest

    I have the same. Got a Dell inspiron 6400..2gb of memory. Installed Virtual
    PC because i just started MCSE study. But it keeps crashing. Installed
    speedswitch, no changes. Did a complete fresh install of XP Pro, no changes,
    did a memorytest, memory was ok, but virt pc keeps crashing. I dont know what
    to do anymore..tried all the solutions offered here. Anyone can help?..thanks
    a lot in advance.

    Theo Gijzen, Oct 28, 2006
  19. Tom

    Theo Gijzen Guest

    Forgot to say that my laptop is one of 10. They all got the same image
    installed and mine is the only one with the cirtual pc problem. All others
    are running without any problems.
    Theo Gijzen, Oct 28, 2006
  20. Tom

    Bo Berglund Guest

    I guess you have been dealt the lemon laptop then....

    Bo Berglund
    Bo Berglund, Oct 28, 2006
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