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Discussion in 'Windows Small Business Server' started by cmjkeegan, Oct 24, 2006.

  1. cmjkeegan

    cmjkeegan Guest

    Hello again

    I have set up a successful VPN tunnel to between my two netgear routers.

    I can ping the remote LAN fine but when I try to map a drive or connect to a
    share on the remote server i get asked for user name and password... none of
    my user names or passwords will allow the drive to map or a connection to be
    made... even from the adminstrator account.

    I have added the users to all the correct groups... at least I think i have.

    Does anyone have an idea what is wrong?


    cmjkeegan, Oct 24, 2006
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  2. In
    Are these computers in the remote office joined to the domain? Is there a DC
    in that location?

    What's their IP config? Make sure they specify the SBS server's LAN IP
    *only* for DNS...and remember that if the VPN tunnel is down, they will have
    Internet name resolution problems, unless you've got a local AD-integrated
    DNS server there. Also make sure they have the SBS server's LAN IP for WINS.
    Lanwench [MVP - Exchange], Oct 24, 2006
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  3. cmjkeegan

    cmjkeegan Guest

    Hi, The ip config of the office (remote LAN) is, The local LAN IP
    that I am trying to VPN in from is

    What do you mean when you say :
    "Make sure they specify the SBS server's LAN IP *only* for DNS."

    Where would I do this? I have the VPN tunnel set of correctly and running
    and all I am doing on the laptop I'm trying to VPN from is map a network
    drive of the server to see if I can, when I have done that I will go further
    and set everything else up more thoroughly.

    I have done nothing to the machine I am trying to VPN from, it is on a
    different LAN than the office and is getting it's getting its IP by DHCP from
    the local router....

    I'm a little lost as I have never set up VPN before, so bear with me!


    cmjkeegan, Oct 25, 2006
  4. In
    In your VPN client - make sure you specify the DNS server as the SBS box's
    LAN IP. Same for WINS.
    That's fine, but if you're using the MS VPN client, and your SBS server
    isn't dishing out another IP to it via DHCP, you need to play with its IP
    config. Not the actual network card's ipconfig.
    No prob.
    Lanwench [MVP - Exchange], Oct 26, 2006
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