VPN between SBS2K lan & SBS2003 lan

Discussion in 'Windows Small Business Server' started by Steve Mahon, Apr 8, 2004.

  1. Steve Mahon

    Steve Mahon Guest

    Phoenix office with SBS2003, Denver with SBS2K. Denver lan aslo has a 2k
    member server for TS. Users are able to TS and Remote Web Workspace between
    lans fine. A few users on the SBS2K lan need VPN to the Phx SBS2003 lan for
    file transfer and to run an Access frontend with SQL residing in Phx. Thanks
    to a great thread by SuperGumby explaining the applicable ports and
    protocols, I can establish a VPN connection to the SBS2003 server in Phoenix
    from a XP workstation in Denver, but I can't browse or map network drives,
    or reach the SQL server in Phx. I can, however, connect, browse, and SQL
    from the 2K member server in Denver.

    My first thought was that it was a problem that both subnets are the same
    192.168.16.x, but the member server in Denver connects and browses fine. So,
    is there a service or some dns setting on the XP box to check?

    Bye-the-way, I have connected and browsed fine from several machines not on
    our Denver lan. Some with static IPs, some dynamic, some cable modem, some

    Thanks for any help,
    Steve Mahon, Apr 8, 2004
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  2. My first thought was that it was a problem that both subnets are the same
    Actually, that very well could be the problem. Do any of the machines
    anywhere have the same IP address as a machine on the other network?
    Changing the subnet on one of the networks will make this function much much
    better (the Change Server IP Address task from the "Internet and E-Mail"
    portion of the management console will walk you through this.
    Having the same subnet for both sides of a VPN can lead to all kinds of
    weird problems because the machine won't always know if it needs to send it
    out the VPN, or if it's for something on the local network.

    David Jones
    SBS Product Team
    David Jones [MSFT], Apr 8, 2004
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