VPN Connection Error 628 and 721 over Linksys

Discussion in 'Windows Server' started by edisonrus, Oct 28, 2005.

  1. edisonrus

    edisonrus Guest

    Help With VPN.

    Here is the basic setup.

    The office setup:

    Two client computers running Win XP SP2
    One Server running Windows 2003 SP 1(Single NIC)
    Internet connection is through a Linksys WRT564G SRX Router
    VoIP with Vonage through a Linksys RT31P2 Router

    The VPN server sits behind the WRT54G and the basic configuration is as

    On the properties page of the VPN server:

    General tab:
    Enable this computer as a:
    Lan and Demand-dial routing
    Remote access server
    All are enabled

    Security Tab:
    Windows Authentication

    IP Tab
    Enable IP Routing
    Allow IP based remote access and demand dial connections
    Using Static address pool. to

    PPP Tab
    All defaults

    Logging Tab
    Log all events enabled

    WAN Miniport (L2TP) 0
    WAAN Miniport (PPTP) 5
    Rest Defaults

    Day-And-Time Restriction set to default
    Tunnel-Type matches Generic Route Encapsulation
    Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol
    Windows-Groups matches “VPN Server\VPN Groupâ€

    Authentication TAB
    MS-CHAP v2
    User can change PW
    User can change PW

    IP TAB
    Server settings determine IP address assignments
    All other Tabs are default

    Authentication request is enabled

    VPN Server IP Addressing:
    Static DNS Addresses

    WRT54G IP Configuration (updated firmware)
    DG ISP
    PPTP Pass-through is enabled
    PPTP 1723 Port is forwarded to VPN Server at 1923168.1.5
    DHCP is enabled
    MTU 1400

    RT31P2 (updated firmware)
    Nothing sits behind this. Just the VoIP service

    The DSL Line is setup with Vonage.

    Remote Clients
    Windows XP Sp2
    Both access through DSL
    One with a Linksys WRT54G Router and the other through a BEFSR41
    PPTP enable and 1723 forwarded.

    Client Connection Configuration

    General TAB
    VPN Server IP Address
    Dial another Connection first is Disabled


    Advance (custom setting)
    Data encryption
    Require encryption (disconnect if server declines)
    Allow these Protocols are:

    Unchecked Use default gateway on remote network

    Tried firewall both Enabled and Disabled

    When connecting to VPN Server I get two errors. One client it is Error 721
    and on the other Client it is 628

    Both the ISP and Vonage say that I can VPN through their connection.
    On the VPN server, I get an Event ID Warning Type error 20209-Source Rasman
    It is telling me that a connection has been established but the VPN
    connection cannot be completed. It suggests that the most probable cause is
    that somewhere along the line, GRE is not being permitted.

    Please, any help will be most appreciated
    edisonrus, Oct 28, 2005
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  2. Check and make sure the home users are using a different subnet than
    192.168.1.XXX Also make sure that the port forwarding is correct it appears
    you have a typo on the decription here make sure it is not in the router
    that way also specifically
    "PPTP 1723 Port is forwarded to VPN Server at 1923168.1.5"
    Eugene Taylor, Oct 28, 2005
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  3. edisonrus

    srandolph Guest

    Hello Eugene,

    Thanks for the response. The client IP's are 192.168.2xxx and
    192.168.10.xxx. Also, just to be sure, I checked and the typo is only in my
    posting. It is ok on the router. This has been very frustrating as everything
    appears to be configure as it should be but it is still not working. The only
    thing difrferent from other setups is that this is going through Vonage but
    they say there is not problem on there end.
    Again thanks
    srandolph, Oct 31, 2005
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