VPN through firewall and seperate lan nic and wan nic

Discussion in 'Server Networking' started by Carl Edwards, May 29, 2004.

  1. Carl Edwards

    Carl Edwards Guest

    I have a win sbs 2003 srvr configured with 2 nics. 1 for
    the lan and 1 for the internet. the lan network is
    192.168.1.*. The internet nic gets its address from the
    firewall through dhcp. The internet address is
    192.168.111.*. The firewall has VPN connectivity
    builtin. I can use vpn to connect to the firewall. In
    doing so I can ping any address given out by the
    firewall, including the internet nic on the sbs srvr. My
    problem is that I cannot determine what I need to do in
    order to ping on of the pcs on the local lan. PLEASE,
    Carl Edwards, May 29, 2004
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  2. Carl Edwards

    Bill Grant Guest

    This is essentially the same thing as having a VPN connect to a DMZ. It
    will not route through to the "private" LAN. You can get it to do so if you
    add a route to the firewall to forward traffic for to the sbs
    server. eg 192.168.111.n <IP of sbs NIC>

    This should then work as long as the LAN clients use the sbs server as
    their default gateway.
    Bill Grant, May 30, 2004
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