VSSadmin list writer - State - stable and other oddities

Discussion in 'Windows Server' started by Neil Clegg, Dec 3, 2004.

  1. Neil Clegg

    Neil Clegg Guest

    Query regarding 2003 VSS service:

    Have a 2003 server with backup Exec 9 using VSS service.

    Occasional backup begins to degrade failing on backing up SQL using VSS

    When runnig VSSadmin list writer after backup has failed (a few hours after
    failure due to time constaints)
    the writers are listed as stable but:

    State: [5] Stable (SQL writer)

    The others are listed as
    State: [1] Stable

    Have notice a pattern of after painfully organising a reboot of the server
    that the SQL writer is listed as
    State: [1] Stable

    After a reboot the bakup will be successful approx 2 weeks before the
    failures start getting more regular.

    The below articles point towards the issue.

    Veritas 261993
    Ms Articles 833167 826936

    My main issue is, not wishing to apply untested Hotfix's that may or may not
    fix problem, but does anyone know what the various different State: [ 1 , 5,
    10 ] messages mean. Research on the issue has yielded very little.
    Any help very much appreciated on this vexing issue.
    Neil Clegg, Dec 3, 2004
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